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The hype machine for Captain America: Civil War is in full swing, so I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to show off my Lego versions of the characters. But, since we've all doubtless seen the original Lego versions, I decided to add a unique historical twist to mine: build each of the characters as they might've appeared during the American Civil War! Ready or not, here we go!

Team Stark

Iron Man

Tony Stark's new "Civil War" appearance, while very much reminiscent of his classic appearance, bears some striking 1800's-esque things as well. For example, the chest plate has been replaced by a much larger arc reactor and a red-and-gold jacket. The leg armor is much more fanciful and yet the repulsors have remained, thanks to Stark's creative genius.

War Machine

While War Machine's suit looks very different from its modern counterpart, it certainly has a similar feel. The rounded weapon mounted on his shoulder is an actual, legitimate cannon, and thus the metalized helmet is insulated against the noise. Rhodey has significantly less armor than usual, but when you've got an actual cannon on your shoulder, do you really need more armor? Probably, yes, but, oh well.


Vision's look has come a long way in the Civil War. Rather than a cape, he's been given epaulets, and in his efforts to blend in, he seems to have tried fitting into the wrong era, wearing a very British uniform, but the guy's a robot, leave him alone.

Black Widow

Poor Natasha Romanoff is clearly not happy with her 19th century look. Sure, she rocks those flintlock pistols like a boss, but you can't take out bad guys in a floor-length skirt. Her hair is slightly more practical, but that's about where this outfit's advantages end.

Black Panther

T'Challa has really gotten the short end of the stick in the 19th century. He's back to wearing a literal panther suit, complete with fangs and claws. No vibranium updates for this kitty. However, pretty sure Black Panther's skills will be hard to match no matter what he's wearing.


Red and blue suit, white eyes, you know, Spidey doesn't look all that different back in the Civil War. He's still a scrawny young kid from Queens among gods, monsters, and men in metal suits, but he's also a scrawny young kid who can shoot webs, so that kinda makes up for his less than flattering costume.

Team Cap

Captain America

Although Cap has gone against the government in the Civil War, his uniform tells a different story. Forget Melinda May. Steve Rogers is the new Cavalry. He's still got his classic vibranium shield, but he's also obtained a shiny new cutlass to go with it. Take that, Iron Moustache!


Falcon's wingsuit has taken a pretty serious step back in history. How they even function in those days is not something I'd care to speculate on, but the rest of the suit looks pretty similar to something Sam Wilson might wear today. Leave it to Falcon to go back 200 years and still look beast while doing it.

The Winter Soldier

Some of you may recognize this color scheme from Bucky's original comic book appearance. Pretty much the only other thing that's changed here is that the mind-wiped assassin's robotic arm is now made of wood rather than whatever his high-tech prosthesis is in our modern age.


Hawkeye's gone back to the Stone Age here in the 19th century. That longbow might actually be more useful than his compound bow of modern times, but then, the longbow doesn't have specialized arrowheads or a laser scope. The jacket and scarf are both very much fashion statements rather than practical accessories, however.

Ant Man

Scott Lang is probably one of the hardest hit back in the 19th century. He's still got his ant-controlling helmet, but his shrinking suit has been replaced by what basically looks like an outfit he stole from William Kidd. But, I think Scott can still take one for team without all his fancy gear.

Scarlet Witch

Poor Scarlet Witch also has to deal with a full-length skirt, but she looks like she's more upset about the corset. Her hair is in a bit more practical of a style, but there's really not a whole lot you can do with it unless you put it up, which I kinda think would be both impractical and unfashionable.

Well, those are the Avengers in the time of the REAL Civil War! Tell me what you thought in the comments!


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