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Guy Hamilton Has Died Aged 93

“You can’t really change the formula, you can merely try to film it your way.” Guy Hamilton once said before his sad passing. Director of four James Bond movies including ‘Goldfinger’, Guy Hamilton has died at the age of 93. Guy was born in Paris and was then educated in England. His introduction to the Film Industry in France made him discover “how a studio worked the hard way”. Hamilton then left France behind him to enlist in the Royal Navy (by way of Paramount News). His films were mostly inspired by the military. His most financially successful film in the 1950s was ‘The Colditz Story’. His other major film ‘A Touch Of Larceny’ got him a sole BAFTA nomination.

Guy Hamilton was then taken into Carol Reed’s arms in the 1940s and early 1950s where he assisted on ‘The Fallen Idol’, ‘The Third Man’ and ‘Outcast Of The Islands’ before he went onto directing his first film called ‘The Ringer’ in 1952. These three decades saw him direct Kirk Douglas, Michael Caine and Harrison Ford, as well as deciding to turn down the chance to direct 1989’s Batman.

The Third Man
The Third Man

But Guy Hamilton is well known for directing four all time classic James Bond films. He described his first time on the set of ‘Goldfinger’ as “a very happy experience”. He was incredibly eager to work with his close friend Cubby Broccoli when he turned down ‘Dr. No’. But Hamilton stormed back into the Bond world to direct ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, ‘Live And Let Die’ and ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’. This was during the times Sir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore were 007.

Goldfinger Poster
Goldfinger Poster

Sadly Guy Hamilton died on the Spanish island of Majorca yesterday. Condolences go out to his friends and family.


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