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Now that "Civil War" has hit theatres it appears neither side has left the ordeal without blood on their hands or red in their ledger. However, with an eye to "Infinity War" on the horizon it appears that the one who will need the most persuading into forgiveness will be Tony Stark. And it is my belief that this can only happen by Tony finally finding some sort of peace. With a recently ended relationship, a paralysed friend and the feeling of betrayal still heavy in his heart, an already fraying Stark looks like he's on the brink. However, one good arrival in the DCU for Stark has come in the form of Peter Parker. Here's how, and why Peter may be the key to mending Stark's heart, and in the process, helping to re-assemble The Avengers, hopefully by the time Thanos comes a'knocking!

What Happens When We're Gone?

Even before the events of "Civil War" erupted, Tony had his problems. Many of which have surrounded the worries he has had about who will protect the world when he is no longer there? This worry has now become an obsession to the point where he has even begun to imprison the very heroes who are supposed to protect others. A recently paralysed friend is not going to help matters. However, Tony is beginning to realise that it is his fear itself, not the content of his fears, that he should be most concerned about. It was his fear that created Ultron, and it was his fear that to led him signing the accords, both of which he has since admitted in being wrong in. Parker may help Tony realise that investing in the younger generations is a better way of ensuring present and future generations safety, rather than constantly acting on impulsive fear. This may have been why he decided to fund of all those MIT students' projects in act one!


Whilst on the other-side of this soon-to-be (hopefully) Father/son-mance, we have the orphaned Peter Parker. Although we so far know little about Parker's origins, it is likely we will learn more in "Homecoming". However, it was Stark who discovered Peter, it was Stark who gave him the famous Spider-Man suit, and it does appear that Stark has made a big impact on Peter, given the fact that he won't shut-up about Tony throughout the entire airport action scene! Both are scientific geniuses, both have voids in their lives, and so it'd make logical sense to pair these two wise-cracking jokesters up. They're both having to deal with a lot of fear in their lives as well, which both mask not only literally, but also with their senses of humours. Stan Lee famously said that Spider-Man wears the mask so that the bad guys don't see that he's scared! It'd also make sense why Marvel cast Peter so young. By having Peter still in adolescence he'd be at the perfect age to be looking for some kind of Father figure or at the very least a role model to look up to.

Ironman's Going to Feature in Homecoming!

The title "Homecoming" hints at the idea that the movie will be about a coming-of-age story. We know Tony Stark will be in the movie in some way, shape or form, but it'd be pretty cool if he played the role model in the movie, maybe giving Peter advice, or a prep talk before he asks Mary Jane to prom, or before their first big dance. Maybe I'm getting super cheesy right now, but I think it'd make for great cinema, and show a more light-hearted side of Stark once more! This is after all a side of the character that made him so likeable way-back when. We also spotted Stark flirting with a pretty and rather youthful looking Aunt May, who as we know is single. Perhaps she'd be a perfect match for the newly single Tony, and as such give him the family he quite obviously has been yearning for for so long.

At the end of the day things amongst the Avengers have clearly gone bad, and it'd make sense for the MCU to use such a popular character to be so important in future plot points in the franchise. Connecting Spidey to Stark would make him immediately relevant. Once Stark finds some form of inner-peace in knowing that there will be people to protect the world once he's gone, and give him the peace and stability that he clearly needs in his personal life as well, the prospect of peace between him and Cap becomes a much more realistic one. It was Cap after all that reached out to Stark at the end, not the other way around! And it's only when this happens that the Avengers will have some chance of re-assembling for "Infinity War". Of course I'm sure the return of Thor and Banner will be important in creating this alliance as well, but Peter might be our best bet at getting things started!


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