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Not since the days of Dragon Ball Z has an anime taken the world by storm the way Attack on Titan has! Created by Hajime Isayama, AoT quickly became a best-selling manga in Japan, and when the anime debuted, it took both the Eastern and the Western worlds by storm!

Like every hit franchise, fans have expressed their love for Attack on Titan in many different ways. From fan theories to cosplay, there's no limit to the kinds of ways fans have shown off their AoT love!

And of course, some especially creative fans have expressed their interest in the show in the most artistic way possible; fan-art. Here are 5 incredible pieces of Attack on Titan fan-art to make the long wait for season 2 a little easier!

[WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!]

5. Eren Versus The Colossal Titan!

via moni158

This incredible piece of fan-art shows the main character, Eren Yaegar, taking on the dreaded Colossal Titan! It depicts the dramatic fight from the show, which sees Eren coming face to face with the Titan that indirectly caused the death of his mother when he was younger.

A truly impacting moment in the show, immortalized in an awesome piece of art!

4. Attack On Creed!

via sunsetagain

This piece of fan-art crosses AoT over with the wonderful Assassin's Creed franchise. You can see Ezio getting ready to take on the Colossal Titan right in the middle of town.

I'm sincerely hoping that the creator of Attack on Titan and the creator of Assassin's Creed meet in an elevator and start talking so we can have this incredible crossover come true!

3. Attack On The Legend Of Korra...Titan!

via PencilPaperPassion

Another amazing crossover, this time mixing the world of AoT with The Legend of Korra! This piece shows Korra and Mako as bonafied Titan killers, no doubt getting ready to take out a few unfortunate Titans!

What's really awesome about this art is the jackets they're wearing. Korra's has the water symbol on the sleeve and back, referencing her water-bending origins, and Mako's has the fire-bending symbol. That is some much appreciated attention to detail!

2. The Worst Time To Take A Selfie!

via MisterStrum

This awesome art really depicts what's wrong with life behind the walls right now. If you want to take a hundred pictures of your self, that's fine. But it really seems like teens these days always choose the wrong time to do it.

I mean, one of these days, Mikasa, or any other teen behind the walls, is gonna get stomped by a Titan because they were too busy looking at themselves through their phone. Kids these days, they oughta join the Scouts and do something with their lives!

1. Attack On Poke-GAH!!

via zsparky

To the person who drew this: WHY?! What possessed you to create this nightmarish painting?!

So those are five incredible pieces of Attack on Titan fan-art! Now if you'll excuse e, I'm going to watch the anime, pray for season 2's quick arrival, and try to wash the memory of that last piece of fan-art out of my mind...

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