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Riding the Superhero wave
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When Batman v. Superman was first announced, I was highly interested, and all the doubt and even hatred towards the movie made me determined to enjoy the film. Before I went to see the movie I had read the reviews and knew that everyone was down on the movie, but I desperately wanted to love the movie. I have seen what Zach Snyder had done before from films like 300 to Watchmen to Man of Steel. I knew that Zach Snyder could make an aesthetically pleasing movie. The shot of Superman flying down the building and Zod flying up the building is still one of my favorite shots I've seen in recent movies. I even understood things such as why so much of Metropolis was destroyed and why Zod was killed. To me it made perfect sense that a battle between two comic heavyweights, Superman and Zod, would cause extreme damage and culminate in the death of one of the two fighters.

Going into Batman v. Superman I was not harboring any grudges I wasn't upset about Man of Steel, nor was I livid with the casting choices. I have seen the movie multiple times now and honestly can say that I enjoyed it. Is it my favorite movie? No. Guardians of the Galaxy holds that spot in my heart. Do I love the movie, as I originally wanted to? No. I enjoy the film simply for existing. While I agree the movie had faults, and I did not agree with all the creative choices I am not ready to take up my Bat-pitchfork and riot. Batman v. Superman makes me think about how to make a good movie with these characters. Batman v. Superman was successful in that I want to see where the rest of the DC expanded universe will go. I enjoy the movie for what it is, but I still see how I would have made it better. Be warned spoilers to follow.


In the Superman mythos there are many interesting characters. Unfortunately, a lot of them are dead. Superman has already lost his parents from Krypton and and his adoptive father. So why kill another Superman supporting character. Martha Kent gives Superman his emotional heading and Lois Lane reminds him of who he is and what he stands for. Jimmy Olsen could have given Superman something just as valuable, humor. I'm not saying that I want Superman to be a goofy character, but it would be interesting if when Superman talked it was possible to hear hope in his voice. Olsen could help Superman see light in the world and emulate Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Jimmy also could have cheered up the movie with real humor rather than the tongue in cheek stuff from Lex Luthor. For the movie overall, Jimmy Olsen could have been the one character who always saw the light, so forget about that CIA backstory.


The charity event wasn't a bad place to see Lex Luthor, but we didn't really need to see him anywhere else. It would have been better if Lex had made a good speech that appealed to the crowd. However, reveal that Batman is skeptical about what is going on at LexCorp. Also a true villain has a presence even when you don't see him. The most important aspect of Lex Luthor is how the world views him. Although, the Justice League knows that Luthor is evil, I think it makes for a better story when the general public sees Lex as a good person. By throwing Luthor in jail at the end of Batman V. Superman, it is guaranteed that the world knows he is a villain. In the DC universe, Lex Luthor needs to be the one villain who the people don't see as a bad guy. Also reducing the amount of Lex Luthor would mean removing Doomsday as well.


Based on the events of Man of Steel, Batman already has reasons for being at odds with Superman. Therefore, they should just forgo the whole plot of Lex setting them against each other and let the idealogical conflicts of the two characters take center stage. I really liked when Superman interrupted the Batmobile chase, and actually took action. The senate hearing side plot had no purpose in the movie. Batman was angered enough by the Wayne Financial Building being destroyed and by Superman interfering with his crime crusade. The movie wasn't titled Superman v. Senate Hearings and Batman. So why did we get that movie.


As much as the audiences love and adore Batman, they would be excited for the man of steel... if he actually talked. If we could see beyond just a montage of heroism and actually see Superman saving the day, and heck maybe for once show Superman glad to save the day. Throughout the whole movie, Superman acts like there's a rain cloud over his head. Superman acts more like an angsty Spider-man than future leader of the Justice League. As much as I enjoyed the new Batman, because of all his screen time it was easy to forget that Superman's name was in the title.


Despite her small amount of screen time, Wonder Woman was one of the strongest aspects of the movie. However, if this movie is really supposed to be the dawn of the Justice League, we should see what her role on the team will be. It is a well known fact that she is an incredible fighter, but she needs to be more than just a soldier. Let Wonder Woman be the voice of reason. She is strong enough to knock sense into both Superman and Batman, so let her do exactly that. Let her role in Batman v. Superman give us a clue as to what her role in the Justice League will be: the strong, confident voice of reason who is strong enough to use either her words or fists to get someone back in line.


Batman v. Superman did a great job of showing Batman's detective skills, but they should have kicked it up a notch. As evidenced by the Tower of Babel story line, Batman looks into every possibility. So why wouldn't he have already started investigating the broken Krypton space crafts and world machines. If Batman first discovers the Kryptonite, but then is ambushed at the docks a great fight scene could be integrated and the Batmobile chase would still occur. Also if Batman saw glowing eyes while looking for Kryptonite that would be a better cameo for Aquaman than a security tape.


Instead of having Lex Luthor be the know it all when it comes to potential future superheroes, have Lois Lane be researching individuals with super powers. Heck Iris West or Linda Park could even be name dropped as someone who Lois is contacting. Now the key would be to not make this a big drawn out aspect of the movie, but it could be mentioned during a brief work place meeting at the Daily Planet. Newspapers could also be used for easter eggs. For example in the Batcave Bruce there could be a newspapers with such headlines as, "FERRIS AIR PILOT GOES MISSING" to reference Green Lantern or "EXPLOSION AT STAR LABS" to reference Cyborg.


Some of the coolest moments in the movie came when Bruce was in the Batcave. Not only was it a practical and high tech version, but it also felt like it was pulled straight out of a comic book. Also it would be cool to see Batman work on building the Armored Bat Suit. Furthermore, think of all the easter eggs that we could have seen in the Batcave be it schematics for future vehicles such as a new Batmobile or Bat Boat or references to accomplices. The theory that the MMA boxer in the underground fight Bruce Wayne attended was Batwing (Luke Fox that is) has been picking up some traction recently, but the member of the bat family we are all waiting for is Nightwing.


Leading up to Batman V. Superman there were conflicting rumors regarding whether or not everyone's favorite Gotham City Police Commissioner was alive and kicking or a casualty during Batman's crusade. While I am not asking for a large story arc involving Gordon, I think that if this movie is a building block for the further DC movie universe, we need to see what is in the universe. I enjoyed Alfred very much in Batman V. Superman, but I think we deserved to see a few more characters from the Batman mythos. In terms of including Gordon, it could have been anything from hearing his voice over a police radio to a short press conference playing on a TV at the Daily Planet.


A better ending to Batman v. Superman would be for Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman meeting together and discussing potential recruits for the Justice League. Superman could show up with some of the research that Lois Lane had done into metahumans, and they could discuss. Now of course Batman would have some research of his own. This superhero meet up could happen anywhere from the Wayne Manor to the Kent Farm or even the Batcave, but a joke could be made that they need a better place to meet like a Hall of Justice or Watchtower

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