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If you've been watching season 2 of The Flash on the CW, then you already know the talents of Teddy Sears. He's made fans love and then mourn him as The Crimson Comet, Jay Garrick of Earth-2. Now, we've come to hate him as it was revealed that he is really Hunter Zolomon, better known as ZOOM.

The nicest villain around!
The nicest villain around!

Yet, before he donned the mask of the most feared villain in the CW/DC Universe, Teddy Sears has been in some well known TV shows, playing some very interesting characters that show his depth as an actor. Let's talk about some of the work he's done and look back on his personal life to discover some very awesome facts about him.


Teddy loves The Washington CAPITALS!
Teddy loves The Washington CAPITALS!

Teddy Sears comes from a family rich in athletic excellence. His great-grandfather won a gold medal in the 1912 Olympics for pistol shooting, and his aunt took home a bronze medal in the 1956 Olympics for the 100-yard butterfly. Teddy himself played Varsity football for the University of Maryland before he transferred to the University of Virginia where he graduated with a degree in business.

Teddy the FREAK!

The man loves to take his shirt off!
The man loves to take his shirt off!

Teddy isn't afraid to get his freak on! He played Patrick on season 1 of American Horror Story, who was a gay sex maniac. He goes the other way in Showtime's Masters of Sex as Dr. Austin Langham, one of the first volunteers for the study and an addict to the treatment of knocking boots with his partner Jane Martin. By the way, he was cheating on his wife Elise. Of course before all that he was man-candy on One Life To Live for two years early in his acting career.

Teddy has been seen on Torchwood, Blue Bloods, 666 Park Avenue, The Defenders, and Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. He's quickly becoming a household name and soon may make his way to a big budget movie. Oh yea, before I forget; ladies, he's off the market. Teddy has been married since 2013 to actress Milissa Skoro.

The Perfect Role For Teddy!

While researching this article, there was one role that came to mind that Teddy Sears would be perfect for; the one role that he can play perfectly, and most people would admit he can pull off without a flaw:

Teddy Sears as BUCK ROGERS!

If some real money would get behind a proper remake, Teddy could be the best fit for a modern Buck Rogers movie. Imagine it folks. In the meantime, lets enjoy Teddy as the fastest villain alive!

Teddy Sears, zooming to the top!


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