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WARNING: First off, this article will contain MAJOR SPOILERS from The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

So for my 70th article, I wanted to write something special. Having looked back over my previous articles, I concluded that clearly my favorite thing to write about is the "Arrow-Verse" (or "Flarrow-Verse"). Having said that, I didn't really need to look back through my articles to tell you that, I do love writing about these amazing shows (as well as watching them!)! I am very happy that they exist! :)

Anyway, the "Arrow-Verse" has existed now for four years. Over those four years, there have been lots (and I mean lots!) of goosebumps-inducing moments. We have watched epic, emotional and explosive scenes unfold before our eyes and one way or another, these scenes have quite frankly given us chills. Now, I recognise that there is an abundance of these awe-inspiring moments and it's impossible to discuss all of them. But I have chosen 18 which I feel particularly stand out - I hope you all enjoy the list! Here are the first 9!

#18. "Supersonic Punch Baby!" - The Flash S1, Ep06: 'The Flash is Born'

This was one of the first real "goosebumps" moments from The Flash (and believe me, there have been plenty since). Barry finds that even with super-speed, when he comes up against his (now metahuman) high school bully, he is unable to stop him. Despite talks of the "supersonic punch" as a possible solution, the team decided that it was too dangerous and canned the idea. However, when Barry is unable to subdue his adversary again, he runs away..."5.3 miles away". From the moment Cisco uttered those words and the music slowly began to build up as Barry's eyes filled with lightning, we knew we were in for an epic moment. The episode title says it all - in this moment...The Flash was born!

#17. "I'm the Justice You Can't Run From" - Arrow S3, Ep10: 'Left Behind'

Having fought an uphill battle to prove to fans that she was just as tough as her sister Sara, Laurel finally became who she was always meant to become. The mantle that had been seemingly taken from her was now in its rightful place - the hands of Dinah Laurel Lance. Throughout Season 3 & 4, she kicked ass as the Black Canary. During a season that failed to capture the flare of it's predecessors, Laurel was the saving grace. Even though she would eventually be mistreated once again, watch in awe as Katie Cassidy is more badass than before when she makes her stunning debut as the Black Canary.

#16. The Emerald Archer Rises - Arrow S3, Ep12: 'Uprising'

This was One of the standout moments from Arrow Season 3. After being defeated and "killed" by Ra's Al Guhl, Oliver Queen's mission lived on through Arsenal, Diggle, Felicity and now, the Black Canary. However, when new villain, Daniel "Brick" Brickwell took over the Glades, all out warfare ensued. Good went to war with evil and in a moment very reminiscent of The Dark Knight Rises, the Arrow rose to reclaim his city. Man, I miss the Arrow!

#15. Barry finds out Oliver is the Arrow - Arrow S2, Ep08: 'The Scientist'

Before there was the Flash, there was Barry Allen: a lovable nerd, obsessed with science, chasing the impossible. The young CSI came to Starling City to chase down a lead on a metahuman but secretly wanted to catch a glimpse of the Arrow. At the end of this episode when said Arrow is injected with lots of unimaginable toxins, Felicity and Diggle decide to enlist Barry to help save Oliver's life. Gustin's facial expressions say it all when he set his eyes upon the fallen and un-hooded Arrow. The cinematography here was perfect as the camera slowly panned over Oliver's body from his legs up to his un-hooded face, revealing his identity to not just us, but Barry Allen. And thus, the Arrow/Flash saga had officially begun!

#14. "I am the Green Arrow" - Arrow S4, Ep01: 'Green Arrow'

After the not-so-well received 3rd Season, this season opener was a step in the right direction. For the first six weeks straight or so of Arrow's 4th Season, I really felt that it had re-invented itself so well that it literally won each week for me, beating out the majority of TV shows that I watched. (Although the majority of the episodes since have kept up the great standard, certain "creative" choices have once again hindered Arrow.) However, seeing Oliver Queen giddier, happier and eventually becoming the Green Arrow was worth waiting for. This episode was literally amazing. And that scene of Oliver suiting up into his Green Arrow outfit for the first time (as the Arrow theme played) was nothing short of epic!

#13. Roy finds out Oliver is the Arrow - Arrow S2, Ep12: 'Tremors'

You could call this moment the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Well...almost. Roy had a passion for fighting crime throughout Season One. After being saved by the Hood, he sought him out (now called the Arrow) and help him fight crime. After being injected with the Mirakuru drug, Roy could lose his temper easily, becoming a loose cannon. When the Arrow was unable to stop a replica Earthquake device from activating and Roy was busy taking out his superhuman aggression on a bad guy, he saw no choice but to reveal his true identity to his protege. Using the shock of the reveal and Roy's love for Thea to calm him down, Oliver Queen convinced Roy to punch through the shipping container and together, they destroyed the Earthquake device. As Roy told Oliver "You saved me". They symbolically shook hands...Arsenal was born.

#12. The Arrow Kills The Count - Arrow S2, Ep07: 'State V. Queen'

I have said it before and I'll say it again. Seth Gabel was positively glorious as Count Vertigo. He was, without a doubt, one of my favorite villains (and characters) from the show. I do like the Werner Zytle iteration from Season 3, but "The Count" was definitely the more intriguing adaptation of the character. Gabel brought so much charisma to the role...and that voice - it could send shivers down your spine! Although he deserved far more screen-time, it was fitting that he was the character who got the kind of revenge on the Arrow that no-one else could...he made him kill again, breaking his sacred vow. After figuring out the Arrow's true identity, he kidnaps Felicity and threatens her with Vertigo. Without a second thought, to save Felicity, Oliver draws back his bow and sends three arrows straight into the Count's chest, sending him crashing through a window and falling to his death. After which he slowly shuts his eyes - knowing that he had broken his promise. Another powerful moment in a list of many for Arrow.

#11. The Flash, the Arrow & Firestorm defeat Reverse-Flash - The Flash S1 Ep22: 'Rogue Air'

In a battle we had been waiting for all season, the Flash finally got to square off against the Man in the Yellow Suit: the Reverse-Flash (a.k.a Harrison Wells, a.k.a Eobard Thawne). But he didn't come alone, he brought help in the form of Ronnie Raymond (Firestorm) and Oliver Queen (the Arrow). It was awesome to see cousins Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell side by side as their heroic counterparts. What transpired next was an epic 3-on-1 battle, as the heroes took down the Reverse-Flash. It may have been brief but it was a very sweet moment that began the journey towards the amazing season one finale of The Flash.

#10. The Flash Time Travels to Save Everyone - Arrow S4 Ep08: 'Legends of Yesterday'

What happens when an immortal villain destroys everything around you? Well, you travel back in time of course. This was perhaps the most compelling moment in either The Flash or Arrow because of the sheer magnitude of what happened. When Vandal Savage unleashes his fury, killing all of team Arrow/Team Flash and even the Green Arrow himself, it is up to Barry to not only outrun the blast but travel back in time to save his friends and stop Savage once and for all. Goosebumps!

Ok, so that brings us to the end of Part 1! If you would like to check out the Top 9, Click here.

Which of these 'Arrow-Verse' moments gave you goosebumps?


Which of these gave you goosebumps?


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