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Since the departure of the treasured Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald in the recent Series 9 of Doctor Who; alongside the news of Moffat's departure as writer; and Doctor Who not returning to our screens until 2017; the date of the new companion has been confirmed.


The BBC have announced that the new Doctor Who companion will be unveiled this Saturday (23rd) during half time of the match of the day, FA Cup semi-final on BBC One. Kick off is planned for 5:15 pm (GMT), so keep your eyes on the clock!

Following the announcement of Jenna Coleman's departure as Clara Oswald, there has been a growing suspicion as to who will take up the role of the Twelfth Doctor's companion.

One of the favourites is Masie Williams. She is known for her role as Ayra Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones, and for her appearances as Ashildr in the recent Series 9 of the sci-fi series

Alex Kingston, otherwise known as Professor River Song to Whovians, is also a popular guess to fulfil the role of the next companion - especially after her appearance in the Christmas special

After his recent reappearance as Rigsby in Series 9, Joivan Wade is another popular choice to fly the Tardis alongside the twelfth Doctor. Did he come along just as Clara was about to die for a reason or just coincidence?

Or could we see the return of a slightly older face such as Zawe Ashton from Series 8's episode Into the Dalek in which her character was denied by the Doctor to travel with him and Clara at the end of the episode despite showing her determination, strength, and perseverance.

Or could the new companion be a completely new face to the programme?

Either way, all will be revealed on Saturday!


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