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3 Quick Fixes that Get The Terminator back on Top.

The Terminator franchise has suffered for over a decade.
Five movies and One TV show that were mostly were mediocre.

Yes I said it. We all know Terminator and Terminator 2 are great. But can we recall the what the hell other 3 movies were about?

Ok we know Christian Bale was John Connor in Terminator: Salvation. The classic scene of him barking into the radio. Everything else forgettable.

But we can change that People!!! We can change that.

#1. Recast Arnold.

Arnold Scharzenegger has been the face of The Terminator since the very 1st Movie. Why we need to take the next step and have him step down.

Arnold needs to be in the next movie. Not as The Terminator but as the soldier The T-800 is modeled after. We have seen Arnold play this role before. Going full human would be the change up fans have been waiting on.

Hardcore fans know Terminator models are based on real people. How cool would it be seeing a grizzled Arnold fighting a Terminator to the death....oh we already have.

Throw in the fact he can die a human death would make it this different and more real. It can bring back the human elements that made the James Cameron series epic. The battle between Man and Machine is what The Terminator is about.

#2. Bring back Summer Glau as Terminator Cameron

We are down one Sarah Connor. Emilia Clarke is not coming back to play Sarah Connor. Big loss. She was one of the high points of Genisys. In this new timeline Sarah Connor is an active player again.

Why not bring the TV Cast. Summer Glau has a major fan following. Adds a more female power. Yes I did say Terminator is Man v Machine. Summer Glau brings new elements of humanity in a Terminator.

In the new Timeline Summer Glau can reprise her role as Cameron from the TV show without being straight from the show. Giving the fans want they want with a twist. This also allows bringing Lena Headey away back as Sarah Connors. She is a fan favorite too. She is only on the biggest show ever.

Ok Emilia Clarke is also on Game of Thrones and that did fully work out in that last Terminator mess.

#3. Michael Bay this B Up!!!

Now before you break out the pitchforks, hear me out. Who is better at making summer blockbuster movies for 12 year old boys?

Hey who said Zack Snyder?

We don't need Michael Bay but to follow his storytelling style. The Terminator Movies need to get that sense of action and adventure back.

What is amazing action scene from a Terminator Movie??
Now cross off T1 and T2. What do you have ????
Exactly. They lack amazing action sequences.

You have robots from the future who want to kill us and a robot from the future that wants to save us. This should be epic. It is a simple story. It never gets told. We get caught up with over complicated stories. We get bogged down with way too much exposition. If these were Michael Bay movies we would have crazy fight scenes massive destruction, and lost quite a few brain cells.

The Terminator Next should be loud and full of damage. It should be Transformers v Ninja Turtles v Back to Future!!!!

You know who the good guys are by the music, the camera angles, the cheesy one liners.
Terminator Next needs to get ballsy!!!

Why send only one Terminator back?
Send an army back! Send an army back of humans back!! Have Monkeys fighting Terminators! Have Terminator Monkeys!! BALLSY!!!!!

Make these movies fun again. Even if it is silly make it fun and entertaining. The Terminator is not a dead franchise. Skydance is planning to readjust.
I think it can be done.


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