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It appears that this one minute long sketch that aired on 'Key and Peele' several years ago is eerily prophetic about the current political climate surrounding the Democratic primary race. What we're referencing is the outrage felt by many Bernie Sanders' supporters who feel it is undemocratic for superdelegates to tip the primary toward Hillary Clinton (read more). Superdelegates, or elected party officials and other party elites, can vote however they wish come convention time, and thus far, they seem to largely favor Hillary Clinton, even in states where Sanders overwhelmingly won the caucus vote (see Wyoming).

Here is a short sketch on 'Key and Peele' called 'Dunk the Vote,' which originally aired before the 2012 election. Although they are talking about the electoral college, instead of superdelegates, the video is strangely applicable to the current political climate in our opinion.

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