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Have you ever seen a strange shadow in the middle of the night? Have you ever heard a sound that has no explanation? Have you ever felt a strange presence in your room when your house is empty?

Welcome to the world of real-life horror. Most of us, at some moment of our lives, have experienced something that defies a rational explanation. Strange events that have scared us. Events that we still remember after so many years.

Today, we're taking a look at some of the scariest events experienced by Movie Pilot Creators. They were kind enough to share these weird (and personal) stories with the world.

Tip: Read these stories in the middle of the night, with the lights out, alone at your home. You will enjoy them better this way. And about that shadow in your room? I hope it is just your imagination . . .

Julian-Sebastian T. Gerdes: I was living in this creepy old cottage with my mom, and it was storming one night so I went up to my window to close the curtains, and this face, like a guy with a mask just popped up and put his face to the glass..

I screamed and ran to my moms room, but never saw him again. He was wearing this mask, from Goosebumps.

Matt Walz: For a long while, my grandma lived in our house with us. She passed away in 2012, but many times after I'd hear clear footsteps in her room and the kitchen while I was below in the basement, even though no one was home. Not sure if I imagined it or not.

Autumn Henderson-Brazie: I used to share a bedroom with my little brother, Isaiah, and one night I had a dream about a man named Garrett. In the dream, he opened our door and walked up to us then stood over my bed. The next night, Isaiah and I were watching some TV before bed and I told him about my dream. He said I was an idiot and that I was a d*ck for trying to freak him out right before bed. At that very moment- no, I'm not kidding- the handle on our door turned and it swung open.

...we slept with the light on that night. And the scene reminiscent of our haunting in the movie Crimson Peak basically gave my brother PTSD.

Charaka Devpriya: My grandmother used to walk around our house for a while. when I was alone at night. Strange footsteps, turning on lights, taps, locking doors. Strange things happened. But the thing is I can only hear, not see. But someone saw her one day. Someone my mother knows. At about 3 am. according to her, she was sitting in all white that' s how we know shes our grandmother.

I used to hear someone walking behind me like everyday for a while. But I never saw anything.

Holly Khraibani-Cousins: (Back when used to be a hairdresser) I was applying a colour to my client's hair, no lie, I felt fingers brush against the back of my neck. I looked up in the mirror and no one was behind me, everybody was with their clients. I also had to close the salon that day and cash-up, when I was about to leave I popped to the loo... While I was in there, something or someone was walking around the salon floor. Loud footsteps!! I have never been so scared in my life! No one was there but me, and it never happened again.

On another occasion, this was a few months after my grandad died. I was on my bed just browsing the internet on my laptop when I started to get a really strong smell of soap. I stopped to check where it was coming from, and could no longer smell the soap. As soon as I got back to my laptop, I could smell it again! This happened about 3 or 4 times and it absolutely freaked me the eff out because it was the exact same smell of soap that my grandad used to use.

When my mom was pregnant with one of my sisters she woke in the middle of the night, and saw a demon-like creature crouching on top of the wardrobe across the room. It was screaming at her in a whole load of gibberish and she was absolutely frozen to the spot in fear! She still remembers it as clear as day, and me and my sisters are all in our 20's!

Anonymous Creator: So a year and a half ago, my friend and I were playing scrabble at around 2 am. Suddenly, I felt some strange presence in the room. I look to my friend, and saw that her eyes had dilated, making them all blank. She started to act strangely and I had to figure out what was happening. She started saying things (I can't remember what) and I started to think she may have been possessed. To test it, I drew a cross on a piece of paper. Her leg seized up and turned part of it red, punishing her every time I drew a cross. She started to done back. At one point, she was taken control of again and tried to attack me, until I touched her with my cross necklace. I battled this thing inside her all night, even calling a hotline to figure out what to do. Every time I drew a cross, she was hurt. Every time I said a prayer, she lost her hearing until the prayer was done. Every time I touched her with a Bible, that part of her skin became bright red. And every time it took complete control, she went after me. It wasn't until I took her to a church and touched her with holy water that this paranormal presence finally left.

It was terrifying, she only remembers part of it, and those at the church called us high teenagers and kicked us out.

But I know what I saw. You may be able to explain the eyes dilating and maybe her not hearing stuff, but seeing her skin turn red and seize up every time I drew a can't explain that.

Kyle Jones: One time, when I was around sixteen, I had the weirdest, most vivid dream. A woman glowing with white light was hovering over me like she was in water, you know how people look underwater. We're having some kind of conversation, and something she said made me ask "why?" At "Wuh" I was still dreaming, by the time I got to "-y?" I was awake. I went to the bathroom and my nose started leaking blood.

Closest thing I could peg it to being was either a ghost or an angel. I just remember her seeming "pure" in every sense of the word, like she was filtered of all the negative stuff a normal person has. It was a weird and unique experience that's for damn sure.

Tom Simpson: A few years ago, I lived in Uganda and the house I lived in was haunted as f*ck. I personally didn't see anything, but the people I lived with saw ghosts and shit and I heard them

Lights turning on, hearing someone brushing their teeth when none of us where, taps turning on and off and a couple of people saw ghosts walk through walls and tables

Also, when I was like 4 or 5, I kept finding my Woody Doll, from Toy Story, in different places around my bedroom. Either it was possessed by a demon, Toy Story is real, or my parents where just fucking with me.

I got that doll the day Toy Story was released in theaters and I still have it in my room at my parents house and I still occasionally find it in a different place from when I last saw it.

Jack Reneau: When I was a kid I had a Furby that came back to life. We took the batteries out because it wouldn't shut up, and at 3 am that night I woke up to it in the closet shrieking. Pretty sure that was just the standard M.O. for Furbies though.

Shadan Syed: I saw a girl jump from a roof of a building. Turns out a girl had died the same way earlier. I also was sleeping in the balcony that night, I woke up in my bed ( I had sleep walking issues those days).

Alexander Sly Shaddix: I have recurring and very consistent cases of Deja Vu. There are instances when I realize that I am going to experience a Deja Vu, I try to defy it and change it only to realize that that even me fighting the Deja Vu is still part of the Deja Vu

Jacob Craig: My grandfather still to this day haunts my house. When my brother was a toddler, about three or four (four years before I came along), he used to be found out of his playpen or bed or whatever, and he said that a man took him out and played with him. My mom showed him a picture of my grandpa, because ever since he died her and my father would hear him calling out "Suzanne" (my mom's name) in the middle of the night, and he said that's who played with him at night. I personally haven't experienced anything besides little things, such as an item I can't find and really need at the moment popping up right on the edge of the kitchen counter (it seems sketchy, but it's something different that I need in the same spot every time), cold spots in my brother's old room as well as the smell of rotting meat, and glimpses every once in awhile (only about three times to this day) of him in my brother's old room when the lights are out. It's spooky, I know for a fact that it's real and he's still living here in my brother's room, and at the same time it's oddly reassuring to know I have a friendly ghost looking over my house. (Also, another story that I'll try to cut short, my brother almost got bit by a snake once, and he heard an ominous voice say "jump," and he managed to jump and run before the snake bit him. He didn't see it or anything. I'm thinking that was grandpa as well.)

Bridget Case: I've had no experiences per se BUT I was born on Friday the 13th so I'm probably a vampire or something.

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