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The questions are piling up. With each passing episode, The Flash gets more and more tense and the plot gets more and more complex. If you thought the show had thrown us some curveballs before, then “Versus Zoom” just threw us an eephus.


“Versus Zoom” both confirmed and denied everything that we thought and didn’t think we knew from where we left off. So, lets try to recap this a bit.

Jay Garrick isn’t Zoom. Jay Garrick isn’t even Jay Garrick?

Wait, Hunter Zolomon is Zoom? Hunter Zolomon is Jay Garrick? Hunter Zolomon is Zoom and Jay Garrick?

Didn’t Hunter Zolomon kill Jay Garrick? No? Hunter Zolomon killed Hunter Zolomon?

Then who is this? Oh Hunter Zolomon killed a Hunter Zolomon from a different point in time. Ok, I get it now...

So we kind of know who Zoom is now. That leaves us with a new biggest question, and this episode reintroduced us to it.

Who is the man in the iron mask?

Wally gets captured by ZoomJayZolomon and brought back to the same lair that Barry and Jesse were trapped in. There, he encounters the only prisoner that hasn’t managed to escape Zoom, the man in the iron mask.

We only get a brief glimpse of Wally interacting with the prisoner before Zoom interrupts. But, in those few very important seconds, we may have been given a huge clue.

You may remember when Barry and Jesse were communicating with the man in the mask via tap code. Well apparently, that is this guy’s go-to method because he tries to tap a message to Wally before Zoom returns.

Move down, then over
Move down, then over

Tap-Tap, Tap-Tap-Tap

Two taps followed by three taps moves you down two and over three and gives you the letter H. There’s a Sesame Street joke I can make here, but this is too important. The man in the mask goes on.

Tap, Tap

One and One. The second letter is A. That is as far as he gets before the dark speedster returns. So the only message we got from him is “HA”.

Is he starting to spell the location that they are in? Wally does ask him “Where are we,” before he starts to tap. Is he spelling a name? One comes to mind, but more on that in a second. Is it an acronym? H.A. could be someone’s initials. Or is this just the writers laughing at us as we squirm for answers.

My money is on a name. In fact, it’s on one very specific name. It’s on one very specific name that always seems to be at the center of all of these problems and twists and theories and he needs to stop doing this to us so that I can stop crying myself to sleep. That name is...

Harrison Wells

Could Wells be the “HA”? No way, right? Earth two Wells has been at Barry’s side the whole time and even in the same room as the man in the mask. Earth one Wells died a long time ago. Right? If there’s one thing I’ve learned about this show, it’s that you cannot rule out anything. Anything you can think of is a possibility when you’re talking about multiple universes and time travel.

Maybe Earth one Wells isn’t really dead. Maybe the man in the mask is Earth two wells from a different point in time like the Zolomon that died. Maybe it’s just Wells from Earth three or four or whatever number you choose. Maybe the man in the mask isn’t saying that he is Wells, just that Wells is somehow involved. The possibilities are literally infinite.

There is another person this could represent though. As I mentioned earlier, “HA” could be someone’s initials. This seems far less likely to me, but “HA” could be...

Henry Allen

Barry’s father could be involved in this somehow as well. Again, it could be the Earth one version, a time clone, or a version from any other Earth. My chips aren’t on this number, I just wanted to lay out the possibility.

One thing is for sure. I will be waiting very impatiently to get all of the answers that have been created during this roller coaster of a season.


Who do you think is in the mask?


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