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Below you will be graced with the latest creation by Kristen Watkins. The piece is part of an ongoing series that features some of my favorite heroes and villains mirroring reality's obsessions with celebrities. I figured what wouldn't cooler than having those characters depicted on their respected magazine covers featuring topics that their interviews would cover. I combined my love of Pin up art with typography to create these beautiful and fun works of art.


Wonder Woman is featured on this issue of Hero Magazine wearing a retro style version of her uniform. She poses proudly with beauty and grace, wooing the camera with her lovely eyes. But don't let her pretty face fool you, there are important matters the Amazon wishes to share about her morals of Justice, Love and Peace. Along with discussing her mission as an ambassador from the island of Themyscira , she shares some inside details about working with Batman and Superman.

Wonder Woman Hero Magazine by Kristen Watkins
Wonder Woman Hero Magazine by Kristen Watkins

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