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I recently wrote an article about how I'd like to see DCEU's Batman's origin story reflect Batman - Earth One. I've been a glutton in the last month, reading comic-after-comic and thoroughly enjoying every moment! I can say with certainty that Spider-Man/Deadpool is the best comic out right now if you like Deadpool's humor. It will also shock you on how well-rounded of a person Joe Kelley made Wade Wilson.

Deadpool loving Spider-Man
Deadpool loving Spider-Man

Anyway, I've always spent my money reading Batman and Spider-Man's comics because they can get extremely expensive and they're my two favorite heroes (Deadpool you're up there, don't worry!).

New 52 - Batman - Court of Owls
New 52 - Batman - Court of Owls

As of now, I'm bursting with excitement to see Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad. Obviously, this article will discuss DC's most important movie in their ever-expanding universe to date; not just because it's next one in the lineup, but it needs to succeed in every way to squash the qualms that most people are having about their universe after the divisive BvS.

We know that DC is not afraid to use recently published comics in their cinematic ventures and to be honest, DC does in fact have some great comics to draw inspiration from -- but maybe not as many from their A-Listers as they'd like in future movies. Scott Snyder's run on Batman might be one of the single greatest runs on any character in the history of comics. In this time and age it's hard to find a writer have that'd have so much time with one particular character.

Besides Batman, I'm trying to find great stories with other character that'd be awesome to see on screen. Green Lantern has a ton of awesome stories, but that's further down the road since he might not even appear until the second Justice League movie.

I'm going to write an article in the next couple days explaining why DC should give their less popular character a shot to shine. I think this would be a great move so we're not getting the same Greek Gods movie-after-movie another.

Constantine and his New 52 comic is amazing!
Constantine and his New 52 comic is amazing!

Okay, enough talk about that: Let's talk about how the events of Suicide Squad could be quite informative on the Bat's next solo movie.


Is that a stuffed animal on that table?
Is that a stuffed animal on that table?

Joker and Harley's interaction in this movie are one of the main reasons why tons of people will go see this on opening day. Logically, this scene probably won't last as long as I hope it'd be, but it could give some great information about the history of Joker's relationship with Batman.

Dr. Quinzel could be a full-fledged doctor or just finishing her residency up at Arkham when she encounters The Clown Prince of Crime. This scene will allow us to gauge the level of obsession Joker has for Batman -- I mean, besides trying to allure her to the dark side: what else is he going to her talk about?

I would like The Joker to talk about Batman like a previous lover and he tells Harley that everything he does is for Bruce. I thought this was especially creepy in The New 52's Batman - Death of the Family comic and it might play a part.

Some fans undoubtedly will think that this has no part in the DCEU, but I think it shows how twisted of a view Joker has for the Cape Crusader. I think this would be the best time to find out what he really thinks of Batman. Joker thinks they're soulmates and he might be right.


Joker in Batman - Endgame
Joker in Batman - Endgame

This is another fascinating topic to discuss about the upcoming movie. Now, I don't think the Joker will ever come out and say this straight-up, but instead insinuate that he knows The Bats' secret. We've seen the trailers and we know that the movie will focus primarily on Task Force X and whomever they're hunting down.

With the reference to Superman in the beginning one must think that they're hunting something extremely powerful. We know that Suicide Squad will follow after the events of Batman v Superman -- except for flashbacks of their previous occupations and hopefully ones with Batman putting every single one of the villains behind bars. I think that would be an amazing montage to see that go down!

If The Joker does know that Bruce Wayne is Batman: We most likely can expect the events of Affleck's trilogy to follow The New 52 comic all above all else. Remember, these are speculations and nothing should be taken as certainty! I'm sure Ayers will use the source material to best suit whatever his needs are for the story.

One more thing, if you want to enjoy The New 52's Batman -- you really have to ignore the inconsistencies with the timeline and just have fun with the stories that Scott Snyder (Writer for The New 52's Batman) is trying to tell.

Luckily, Snyder is telling some amazing stories with some beautifully drawn artwork from the talented Greg Cappulo. I can look past this as long as the material is well-above average.


Bat-Family - Else-worlds - Really Cool
Bat-Family - Else-worlds - Really Cool

Nolan's trilogy will go down as some of the finest film making of all time. He decided to go with a world that only had one hero -- and that was Batman (obviously:). Now, we have this wonderfully vast array of heroes in the DCEU and the possibilities are limitless to see who appears where and when in the story. We all know the Joker is an assh*** and when he interacts with Batman: I would find it maddening if Joker doesn't rub Bruce's face in the fact that he failed his Boy Wonder by letting The Joker brutally murder him.

Also, if they give mention to this this horror story -- then afterwards Joker could actually be somewhat immortal from something called a Lazarus Pit he fell into after Batman blew him up. This would be crazy if The Joker was impossible to kill.

I think we all know The Joker rather well and we can almost guaranteed The Clown Prince of Crime will make wisecracks about hurting/killing another member of his family. So, I'm going to pay close attention to whatever The Joker says to see if we can find out who else is in his universe.

The only one we know for sure is Jena Malone's Barbra Gordon. Also, that just doesn't go for him -- Batman put away all the criminals in Suicide Squad and anyone of them could mention another person in the Bat-Family.


Deathstroke vs Batman: Can it get any better?
Deathstroke vs Batman: Can it get any better?

This version of Batman had been fighting crime in Gotham City for a very long time and that means he's accumulated tons of rogues whom utterly hate him with the passion of a melodramatic star on a Telenovella television show. Previously I mentioned, anyone of them could talk trash to Bruce and bring up anyone of his sidekicks: Or they could bring of past altercations with certain villains that might had beaten Batman -- well, almost defeated Batman. And this could give us insight on whose already part of the DCEU.

Either way, I look forward to hearing any details that would help us understand Batfleck more. I really hope he has more than just a cameo, so that we can establish his world to better understand his motivations. Lastly, I would love to see Batty and Amanda Waller having a chat to help clarify more about how violent he is and Waller saying the same thing to Batman. We need to listen to how the villains talk about Batman to find out all sorts of stuff. I really want to find out when first starting killing people, but we might have to wait on that one.

Let's take a look on some other possible comics that the new movie could use as inspiration for the upcoming Batman film. (I enjoyed Court of Owls, but I just don't want to see it on the big screen. I'm not against, but it's not my fave -- it still is an amazing story!)

There are some many unbelievably awesome comics from the writer of the Batman comic (Scott Snyder did all 52 issues, which is a rarity nowadays.). Now, A lot of them already been filmed in one shape or another in previous offerings. Scott Snyder's Endgame is an epic comic book, that almost makes Joker into a mythical boogeyman. I mean he landed on a Lazarus Pit and that is one of the scariest things I can think of. So, he's done seducing Batman and Joker wants him dead -- while he tears his city to shreds. It's classic and will most likely be adapted on the big screen.


I'm going to go into details in any of these comics -- because you should really read them when you get a chance. Say something horribly happens to Joker at the end of the movie and the audiences thinks he's dead. This is how Suicide Squad could setup the future Batman movie. He could later comeback and send Mr. Wayne on a journey like something he has never faced before. Joker is sorta immortal from falling into the Lazarus Pits.

I think this is the best way to set up Batman's next movie from this comic. Now, I'm going to be on the lookout to see if this possibly have already happened (I'm not sure how, but his jacket looks awfully familiar.). This comic would be an epic adaptation, but I'm not sure it'd be right to do first. It all depends on if they're are doing a trilogy. Please read Batman - Endgame, you would not be disappointed.


This is another New 52 story and honestly, it might be too dark for the average audience. I'm staying away from spoilers, but this shows The Joker unleashed and deranged. I'm not quite sure why people say we're burnt out of The Joker, when he only appeared in two major stories in like 5-years.

I would like this because it includes the whole Bat-Family and what Batman does to him is crazy, and then expect something even more messed up to come later. Also, Scott Eastwood's role (Nightwing) is still an unknown and I would love to see he and The Joker have a conversation. This comes before endgame and I do not see these two stories following chronologically at the box office -- I believe it's either one or the other!


I can't wait to see what Ben Affleck comes up and the wonderful Geoff Johns! I feel like I'm catching a bug and so I'll update this a tad later. Thank you, so much for reading and please leave a comment! We're all fans and I'm glad that we can talk about this in a manner that we're proud of. Thank you!



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