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This article contains spoiler up to Dragon Ball Super episode 40! From the title and description of Dragon Ball Super episode 40 we already know which universe will win the tournament. Here I’ll share my thoughts and theories on how it will happen and predictions on the future plot.


So as we know the tournament is now basically all down to

Goku vs Hit


Monaka being 1 extra fighter left on universe 7

However from what’ve seen till now it looks Monaka isn’t really all that strong. That is basically Hit vs Goku is the final match of the tournament.

The legendary assassin Hit has the amazing ability of skipping time and till now the max limit is 0.5 seconds. In order to counter that Goku used kaio-ken times 10 over the super saiyan blue form and now is able to predict what is going to happen 0.5 seconds later and act accordingly. And this is turning out to be the best fight of Dragon Ball Super till now and one of the most intense fights in the entire series.

Thanks to the title descriptions revealed we already know the outcome of the tournament.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 Title: “The Conclusion"

The tournament against universe 6 for the fate of the earth has finally come to a close. Furious at Hit and his teammates for losing, Champa tries to destroy them. As Cabba and others is Frozen in terror, someone enters the ring...

So if the title and description is accurate. It is confirmed that Universe 7 will win the tournament. That is one way or the other Goku will defeat Hit in the tournament or will at-least tie the match. We also come to know that Champa will become so pissed off and furious that he will actually try to destroy fighters from his very own universe. They are frozen in terror and at that moment someone enters the ring.

So it’s also a matter of curiosity as to who will enter the ring that will possibly stop Champa or his rage. Previously it was thought that it would be Monaka. However till now from what’ve been established it looks like Monaka isn’t really strong and was fraud card played by Beerus. So there are some theories stating that Monaka might stop Champa’s rage by doing something different other than fighter. Anyways if it is not Monaka who could it be? I mean there’s no one apart from Whis and Beerus from Universe 7 who is actually stronger than Champa. So what do you really think about this what kind of scenario will there be and who will walk in?

Anyways about the ‘Hit vs Goku’ match. How do you think Goku will defeat Hit? Or what will happen exactly that will make Universe 7 the winner of the tournament?

Firstly I want to mention that this is one time I predicted super wrong. Because I always thought universe 6 will win the tournament to help the plot progress further. If Earth got transferred to Universe 6 it would mean we have a whole bunch of new characters and thus giving us a taste of new and stronger enemies. However, the upcoming plots are also very hard to predict since Akira Toriyama said he has no plans to make Goku surpass Whis or Beerus just yet. So doesn’t that mean the next villain will be weaker than Whis and Beerus?

I kind of feel the villain being not the strongest ever takes out the seriousness factor out of the story. Like when they were fighting Golden Frieza it never looked like anything is at stake knowing two allies Whis and Beerus are way stronger than Frieza. So if shits go wrong they will make it right. And that is what happened at the end Whis protected everyone and also reversed time. But if we see the history villains like Cell or Buu was said to be the strongest being of that moment and things looked serious. Either they defeat him or everything ends. So it will be tricky as to how they will highlight a real threat while Goku and Vegeta are yet to surpass Whis and Beerus. Well, for now let’s get back to the match in hand.

Hit’s main technique is skipping time and as of now he can even go 0.5 seconds ahead of time. And I think the most dangerous thing about Hit is he keeps improving as he fights. He has no transformation yet keeps getting stronger. And it looks it’s even better because maybe it doesn’t have any backlash or time limits.

So the only way out for Goku from this was to power up so much that Hit fails to keep up or he can finish Hit off before Hit catches up. And Goku did exactly that. Primarily Goku was trying to figure out the time-skip and he did. But Hit kept improving, at first it was 0.1 then 0.2 and lastly 0.5 seconds. So Goku decided to use a technique he was saving to use against Beerus. Even though it’s an incomplete technique and could have ended up killing himself if he did it wrong! Its kaio-ken combined with the super saiyan blue form. He used kaio-ken times 10 and increased his powers so much that Hit couldn’t catch up and took a lot of blows from Goku. But Goku also mentioned he can’t keep this up for long and so he prepares a kamehameha to finish it off as soon as possible with one blow. And that’s where the episode 39 ended as we are left on a cliffhanger.

So at this point it looks all OK! Goku figured it all out. Goku countered time-skip and he also countered Hit’s improving with time factor by kaio-ken times 10 as he became way stronger than Hit is. But on the trailer of episode 40 we again see Hit landing blows on Goku! What could that possibly mean?

Hit once caught up with Goku. Now we have two things that are to be considered in this equation. Goku kaio-ken time’s 10 super saiyan blue form is supposed to fade away. And we see Goku trying to finish at as soon as possible for that. So could it be Goku couldn’t finish Hit soon enough and started become weaker. While Hit already improved to Goku’s kaio-ken blue times 10 levels?

So how he ended up defeating Hit? Probably by risking it all and powering up even higher like Kaio-ken times 20, 30 or even higher and give it all behind one shot or something like that. And probably that is how it will end Goku will win via clearly knocking Hit out.

Dragon Ball Super- Goku vs Hit Episode 40
Dragon Ball Super- Goku vs Hit Episode 40

However, let’s think of a different type of ending. What if being annoyed and a bit scared by Goku’s constant power ups and durability Hit ends up killing Goku. Meaning Goku defeats Hit. Since killing against the rule of the tournament and would get Hit disqualified resulting in Universe 6 losing the tournament.

But that is extremely less likely to happen because it looks like Hit also has a sportsmanship mentality for fighting. Remember how Goku was down and Hit allowed him another chance. Isn’t that very similar to Goku’s style like Goku let’s his opponents reach their full power or gives them another chance by giving Senzu beans and stuffs. By the way I also thought Hit might have done that because ultimately Goku is also helping Hit to improve so the stronger Goku gets the stronger Hit walks out of this match.

There’s one more thing that I think we should take in consideration. Hit is an assassin he is known for successfully killing his opponents. But in the tournament killing is against the rules. So doesn’t it mean it’s affecting Hit’s full potential? Maybe his signature is something that kills his opponent. I am thinking Goku might actually end up requesting to pull off the ‘ No Death ‘ rule. Why? Because that will allow Hit to fight at his max power! And do I even need to explain that Goku probably cares about seeing Hit’s full potential more than winning a tournament?

Another legit scenario could be Goku and Hit going all out against each other resulting in destroying themselves. Or like Goku uses kaio-ken x times extreme knocks out Hit and faints himself! Since U7 has Monaka left they win the tournament.

Anyways I just wanted to put up all the options there even the very unlikely ones. What do you think about this all?

How will Goku end up defeating Hit?

Comment your opinion down bellow.



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