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(The following may contain some mild contextual SPOILERS for the imminently arriving Captain America: Civil War, but care has been taken to avoid any major reveals or plot SPOILERS. That being said, proceed with whatever level of caution you feel is wise...)

Now, with Marvel's Captain America: Civil War fast approaching - and having now been seen by some critics - speculation regarding the movie is reaching fever pitch. Problematically, though, many of us are torn between wanting to know as little as possible about the movie before seeing it, and wanting to know everything we possibly can right now. Like, for instance, the recent press conference that the film's cast took part in over in Germany a few days back, which you can see (via our friends at right here.

In an attempt to solve that particular problem, then, the following is...

A (Major Spoiler-Free) Look at Everything We Learned From the Captain America: Civil War Press Conference

Including the fact that...

Robert Downey Jr. Considers Daniel Bruhl To Be a German National Treasure

Which may or may not have been sarcastic. He did, however, note that:

"These films are only as good as their bad guys...You can't just be arch, you have to be charming and intelligent. I mean, I think Daniel's actually a really kind of sweet, smart, cool guy, and then he plays this character...I mean, I don't know what he's really like. I don't know what his girlfriend thinks."

In other words? Expect some serious charisma from Bruhl's Baron Zemo in the movie, however much screen time he gets...


A Certain Someone Reveals What Its Like Kissing Captain America

Now, to tell you who would obviously be something of a spoiler, so suffice to say that their response to being asked by the host...

"how does a man of his age taste by kissing?"

...was both massively awkward and accompanied by a well-recieved crack from Robert Downey Jr ("Welcome to Germany, folks"). The eventual answer, though?

"It's fine...It's...great."

Which is probably not exactly music to Chris Evans' ears...

Next up?

Anthony Russo Reveals That the Personal is Political

Arguing at one point that:

"What was most important to us on a storytelling level was to get to a very personal place for why these characters do what they do...The political problem kicks off some soul searching on everybody's part."

Which a) sounds like interesting as hell, and b) makes a whole lot of sense.


Robert Downey Jr. Reveals Why He Didn't Film in Berlin

Asked whether he was sad not to film in Berlin, Downey Jr. admitted:

"Yeah, it would have been nice to come, [but] it's pretty expensive to travel me..."

Now, sure, his tongue was firmly in cheek the whole time, but even so. That's probably far more true than you'd think...

Next up?

RDJ Went On To Hint That Marvel Has One Hell of a Long Term Plan

As he put it:

"I'm not particularly good at planning or thinking ahead. So it's a good thing that other people are."

Which he then followed up with a significant head nod, seemingly implying that someone at Marvel Studios has a very good idea where the MCU is headed, and has revealed that to him. Confirmation of Iron Man having a pretty big future, perhaps?

And, finally?

Anthony Russo Subtly Snarked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

As he volunteered - largely unprompted - about Marvel:

"They have this philosophy, even though there is an inner connectiveness between the films and there is a larger story arc going on between them, they have a real discipline and a real attitude of one movie at a time. They know that unless every movie is given the space to be everything that it wants to be, everything that it could be, without getting too encumbered about ideas about where things can go in the future, they know there will be no future."

Which, considering the near-universal criticism leveled at DC, Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder for trying to reverse engineer an entire cinematic universe with Batman v Superman, sure does come across as a gentle shot across the bow. Or, alternatively, Russo just really likes working for Marvel...

The really, really, really big question now though?

What do you reckon?


Just how excited are you to see Captain America: Civil War?



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