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Gird your loins and hold on to your lightsabers, everybody, because there's a new Star Wars theory making the rounds, and it's so crazy it might actually be true.

Warning: the last time a Reddit user posted supposedly leaked plot details for Episode VII – The Force Awakens, they turned out to be true, so stop reading now if you're trying to stay ignorant of any potential Episode VIII plot elements!

Ever since we got to know the character of Rey in the latest Star Wars episode The Force Awakens, the question of her origins has been shrouded with mystery, and the subject of many more or less realistic theories. Why was she left on Jakku? How is it possible that she seems to have such an intuitive way of handling the Force? What is her link to Luke Skywalker, whom she hands back his saber to at the very end of the movie?

Could This Be Where Rey Comes From?


Reddit user LouEvilOne posted a possible script leak of Episode VIII, which is currently being shot, and it contains the most far-fetched theory about Rey yet — so far-fetched that it could work? Read the elements pertaining to Rey's origins here, or jump to the next headline for the takeaway.

The backstory to Luke and his Jedi being wiped out is that Snoke seduced Kylo and a few of the other students to the dark side and tasked them with killing everyone. Luke and a few others survived, including a young Rey who was subsequently dumped on Jakku by Luke.

Rey's mom died in the attack.

Rey is pissed at Luke because she guesses that he was her father and is angry at him for abandoning her. Luke turns to her and says "No, you are my father".

Yes, really.

Rey is the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker. Luke went to the first Jedi temple to better understand how the process works. He learned that the spirit of the chosen one is reincarnated by the Force every time the universe is thrown out of balance, which apparently happens on a semi-regular basis (Anakin was hardly the first time the chosen one reincarnated). This is why she's so crazy powerful with the Force (remember that Anakin blew up the Trade Federation donut ship by himself when he was like 8 years old).

Rey was the product of a virgin birth, but midichlorians aren't mentioned (Luke says "you are a child of the Force").

Luke is hesitant to train her because, according to Jedi history, the chosen one always struggles with staying on the light side of the Force because of the chaotic power running through them. He's afraid that she could become Vader 2.0. If he trains her to fight Kylo, and she turns dark, she would do way more damage to the galaxy than Kylo could ever dream of doing.

He ultimately trains her anyway and leaves everything up to the Force. He makes this decision in a scene where he confers with the ghosts of Obi-Wan and Yoda (Ewan MacGregor and Frank Oz come back).

Rey learns lightsaber skills, Force skills, and has a vision quest thing where she talks with Maz Kanata (unsure if it’s telepathy or just a dream) and Hayden Christensen. The latter tells her that she is him, but different, and there’s a quick scene where we see hundreds of other Force ghosts who are implied to be past chosen ones.

'No, You Are My Father'


To put it simply: a chosen one pops up in the universe when there's a disturbance in the Force. First it was Anakin, now it's Rey, which is why they were both so skilled. It also explains why Luke is reluctant to train her, as children of the Force have more power but also find it harder to control, and he doesn't want to be responsible for a second Vader. But that means Rey is the reincarnation of Anakin, and basically Luke's dad.


All in all, it gives us a great twist on the iconic "I am your father" line. Imagine Rey, expecting to find a father in Luke or at least some clues to her parents' whereabouts, finding out that she's Luke's father? With hers and Kylo's identity crises, it's time to set up a serious psychiatry practice in the galaxy.

You have until December 15, 2017, when Episode VIII comes out, to ponder this genealogical twist, and you can read the rest of the possible plot leaks right here on Reddit.


Do you find it plausible that Rey would be the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker?

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