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How many times have you cropped something — or someone — out of a photo without so much as a second thought?

If you liked the short Snapchat horror film from Space Oddity Films, wait until you see these guys' take on (horrifying) comedy with a social media spin.

Filmmakers Alex J. Mann and K. Adam Bloom run Space Oddity Films in LA, a small film company that explores media and technology in our lives. They've got a YouTube channel full of films that tackle these topics in super creative ways. As they say on their website:

Our films use innovative visual aesthetics and the integration of technology to tell stories that are both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Left: Alex J. Man. Right: K. Adam Bloom. Source: Space Oddity Films
Left: Alex J. Man. Right: K. Adam Bloom. Source: Space Oddity Films

This film, Cropped, came out on their YouTube channel three weeks before their Snapchat horror 3 Seconds and it's maybe even more relatable. They call it a 'horror/comedy' — and while it's got a surprise ending, it's a (morbidly) funny one.

A woman sits at her table, innocently sorting through photos on her Mac while a clarinet croons cheerfully in the background. It's not quite as sinister as 3 Seconds, but it's definitely got an edge.

Check out the whole video for Cropped here:

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Source: Space Oddity Films


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