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It's certainly not unusual for filmmakers to dream up characters with a specific actor or actress in mind for the role, but it makes me wonder: do game designers do the same thing? They've got to get their inspiration from somewhere and the Hollywood pool of athletes, actors and celebrities is pretty diverse.

I've put together a list of characters from some well-known video games who totally give me that familiarity feeling. Could it be more than coincidence that these icons share such a striking resemblance with other famous faces? See if you can spot the resemblances below.

Darrius (Mortal Kombat) - Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)

Okay, so Walter White is nowhere near as buff as his Mortal Kombat counterpart but they do have a lot in common in that they were both pretty normal before giving in to their assertive and unforgiving dark sides. Both criminals. Both genius. Both got goatees.

Cid (Final Fantasy 8) - Robin Williams

As well as looking alike, these two share quite a lot of similarities: Both warm, generous and highly regarded by their peers. Sadly, both Cid and Williams were also far too quick to doubt themselves and it's this trait that really shone a light on their sameness for me.

Rubi Malone (WET) - Lena Headey (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

Just looking at these two side by side speaks for itself. They're both fearless, they both know how to handle a firearm and to be frank, they're both totally badass biatches.

Wilson (Don't Starve) - Johnny Depp (Sweeney Todd)

Wilson looks so much like Sweeney it's scary. While there's not much comparison that can be made between their lifestyles exactly, Wilson does actually use a razor to shave his beard in the game. Coincidence?! I think not.

Emperor Mateus (Final Fantasy 2) - David Bowie (Labyrinth)

You can't deny the resemblance between these villainous kings. Their motivations may be different but that crazy mullet is a total giveaway.

Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed IV) - Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

Taking into account both characters' anti-authoritarian streaks, penchant for putting their loved ones in peril and the fact that they spend most of their free time in taverns, this one really is a no-brainer for me. Not to mention those glorious golden locks.

Robert (The Last of Us) - Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones)

Robert was actually created using the motion capture (and voice) of Robin Atkin Downes, who also lent his pipes to Master Miller in Metal Gear Solid 5 and Joe Capelli in Resistance 3, but I personally think Jerome Flynn could be his twin. Interestingly, Downes and Flynn look absolutely nothing alike.

Ellie (The Last of Us) - Ellen Page

Yes, I know that Page actually did have a video game character modelled after her (Jodie in Beyond: Two Souls), but Ellie really reminds me of her too — and I'm not the only one. Page herself implied she was pretty pissed off with Naughty Dog for ripping off her look, citing Beyond as the reason. Let's face it, Ellie could totally have starred in Juno.

Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat) - Jean-Claude Van Damme (Bloodsport)

Arrogant movie star, nut-puncher, red kung fu belt. But which one am I talking about?! I don't have anything more to say than: these two are practically the same person.

Fei Long (Street Fighter) - Bruce Lee

Considering the fact that he's one of the most famous martial artists who ever lived, it's not too surprising that Lee has provided inspiration for several fighting games. Perhaps the most obvious is Street Fighter's Fei Long who, aside from having the exact same haircut, also uses identical fighting techniques and emits rather loud and high-pitched cries during battle.

Baret (Final Fantasy 7) - Mr. T

By no means am I the first one to notice this but I just couldn't leave it off my list. There's even a petition trying to convince Square Enix to cast Mr. T in the remake. What are you waiting for?! Go sign the damn thing!

These are just a handful of lookalikes I've noticed, but I'm sure there are more.

Have you spotted any other video game doppelgängers?


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