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Allanah Faherty

Robert Downey Jr. is currently in Berlin for the German premiere of Captain America: Civil War, and I think it's fair to say the capital city has given Iron Man a hearty "willkommen"!

Downey Jr. was welcomed to Berlin by co-star Daniel Brühl, who decided to give the actor a little taste of German life — quite literally! However it looks like Downey Jr. shouldn't have been so quick to trust a supervillain (Brühl plays Baron Zemo in the film), because despite things starting well, they soon descended into chaos.

Uh oh, what's this!
Uh oh, what's this!

Take a look at the hilarious video below to see RDJ consume, among other things: a 'Team Cap' foam finger, ping pong balls, and a Berliner donut covered in baking powder. URGH!

Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?


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