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By now we're all pretty familiar with fan theories. Over the years there have been some absolute winners, and some which are pretty far fetched. Well today there's one more fan theory to add to the pile, however I'm not exactly sure which camp this one belongs in.

All Marvel fans know that when they watch an MCU film, at some point they can expect comic legend Stan Lee to make a cameo in one form or another. But while we just thought that the appearances were a cute little easter egg to look forward to in each film, YouTube user The Lamppost has a theory to the contrary.

Brace yourself because the theory is quite long, over eight minutes in fact, however if you make it to the end, The Lamppost just might have persuaded you.

So basically, in order to really grasp the theory you need to break down Stan's cameos into two different (but related) people. First up is Stan Lee Sr. who was an officer in the U.S. during World War II who appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger and Agent Carter before being abducted into the world of Guardians of the Galaxy. It was Stan Lee Sr.'s abduction that leads his son, Stan Lee Jr., to search for his father. However, over the course of Stan Lee Jr.'s search he has encountered a number of obstacles including gamma radiated soda, alien attacks, and a stolen shoe, all of which contributed to him then appearing in Marvel films in some form or another.

So what do you think, could Stan be appearing as the same, or related, person in all of his Marvel appearances? It's crazy, but then again The Lamppost does stress that his theory is supposed to be fun. And whether you'd love it to be canon or not, you gotta admit it's definitely very fun to imagine Stan Lee Jr. and Sr. out there somewhere in the vast MCU.


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