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Prince Roger Nelson, who tragically died on April 21, 2016 at age 57, was a pop sensation known for commanding attention on the stage and screen via his electric, flamboyant, psychedelic, and generally outrageous presence. His cameos are less well known but have the same awesome power.

In these rare appearances the star unveils a side often unseen. He collaborated on the script to make the jokes work, and pumps every moment with Prince pizzazz. People who worked with him were often in complete awe, and it shows. Check out these unique cameos:

New Girl

Source: Fox
Source: Fox

In his most recent cameo Prince appeared as himself in a New Girl episode named after him in February 2014. He emerges wraith-like from the shadows to surprise Nick and Jess, saying:

"How rude of me I haven't given you enough time to freak out yet, you may do so now."

They react in the way I would: Jess hyperventilates like a dying chicken before Nick passes out.

Watch the clip:

Muppets Tonight

Prince with Muppet version / Source: Jim Henson
Prince with Muppet version / Source: Jim Henson

Prince had a more playful song in mind than "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad" when he appeared in a 1997 episode of Season 2 called "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince." The superstar pops into the puppet cafe and promises to deliver a tune about starfish, eggs, coffee, maple syrup, and jam.

Watch Prince perform "Starfish and Coffee" in the episode:


Source: Polygram
Source: Polygram

The unpronounceable moniker Prince changed his stage name to from 1993 - 2000, a.k.a. the Love Symbol (left in above picture), appeared in the end credits of the Coen brothers' Fargo from 1996 (right). In the iconic picture below does the victim lying in the snow look like Prince to you?

Me neither. Unfortunately the Coens were playing a little Joke — the body is in fact a cameo by the storyboard artist J. Todd Anderson. The credit is believed to be a fairly obscure recognition that Prince, like the Coens, was born in Minnesota.

Under the Cherry Moon

When is a moon not moon-colored? When Prince is under it! Turning the night sky cherry in 1986 (when that kind of thing could happen) is Prince in this wonderful movie about a gigolo named Christopher Tracy (Prince) and the swindling tricks he gets up to with his partner Tricky (Jerome Benton).

Sure this isn't technically a cameo but you just wanna watch Prince act, am I right? What better place to start than Prince's own directed film.

Feel the beat in the groovy trailer:

Which Performance Shows Prince At His Best?

Source: via Style Caster


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