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There are many ways that people can break the internet nowadays from keyboard kitties to dramatic chipmunks but the best way by far is to take something cute and fluffy and make it even cuter – and that is exactly what this talented young artist has done.

Suzuran is a budding artist from New York with viable aspirations to make it big in the Manga world. It would appear that Suzuran has a knack for producing incredibly detailed pieces of art. But her true talent definitely lies in the ‘cute factor’.

I have never seen our beloved Pokémon characters look so darn adorable. Not only is she better at drawing than me it would appear that she is likely to be a better gamer than me too. Self confessed gamer Suzuran is shaping up to be the biggest catch in the industry.

"a huge gamer, wanna be Manga Artist, and a lover of all things cute and fluffy! I love Mega Man, One Piece, Capcom games, cats and helping people with tutorials."

Take a look at some more of her incredible Pokémon Tsum Tsum work. Doesn’t it just make you want to reach into the screen and scoop them all up!?

In need of even more cuteness? Suzuran has countless works stashed away on her landing page – make sure you shoot over and see what other fluffy balls of joy await you.

Source: Reddit


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