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Despite augmented reality developers Niantic, Inc.'s best attempts to block the leaks springing forth once field testing began, they've learned that you can't stop Reddit no matter how many Pokémon GO accounts you ban.

And so information continues to emerge from the beta testers, with the information helpfully collated and shared via the social monster that is Reddit. We've already drawn up a breakdown of the first round of leaks, as well as how evolution will work and how to catch Pokémon, so check those out or read on for more information.


One of the big new threads which sprung up courtesy of /r/TheSilphRoad included a handy breakdown of how combat with gym leaders will work.

Gyms themselves can be found dotted around various locations and can be used for either training or competing. Each gym has at least one Pokémon defending it, and you face said Pokémon in an arena in the gym.

Level Up

'Pokemon GO' Gym leader screenshot
'Pokemon GO' Gym leader screenshot

When you approach a gym you will come into contact with the gym leader and their Pokémon. Defeating them in battle earns your player character XP, which all goes towards the Trainer levelling system.

In Pokémon GO your character levels up rather than your Pokémon. You get XP from both gym battles and from training.

Prestige Points

Each gym has a certain amount of "Prestige Points" which indicate the difficulty level and standing of the gym.

Prestige Points highlighted in red
Prestige Points highlighted in red

Defeating a gym leader in combat will decrease the Prestige Points of the gym itself. But training victories actually increase the prestige. So a gym with a high number of Prestige Points means that either the gym leader is difficult to defeat, their training facilities are good, or a combination of the two.

Like XP, Prestige Points determine the level of a gym. Each level unlocked by a gym allows for one additional Pokémon to be brought in to defend it. So, as you might as guess, the higher the level the more difficult it is to defeat.


Gym battles take place at the top of the arena, with the defending Pokémon in the center. Your attacking Pokémon can circle around the gym leader's Pokémon as they attack — and Pokémon GO introduces a player determined dodge ability.

A 'Pokémon GO' gym battle
A 'Pokémon GO' gym battle

Dodging attacks occurs by swiping at the right time when the attacking Pokémon makes its move, and timing is determined by a red crosshair which flashes up on screen.

Utilize your Pokémon's Quick Attack by tapping the screen, or pressing and holding for a stronger Charged Attack. Each Pokémon possesses a stamina bar — of which Charged moves deplete by 50%. Stamina points regenerate when using Quick attacks, or if your Pokémon takes damage.

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