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Blizzard are constantly attempting to fairly balance their games, whether it be World of Warcraft, Diablo III, or Heroes of the Storm. The latest update from the company comes for the highly successful (and ridiculously addictive) online card game, Hearthstone: World of Warcraft.

The update has been a contentious one, namely due to the fact that some of the most targeted cards have been there from the beginning. Even the classics aren't safe. People have been nervous about what will actually change with this update, and now the details have finally emerged.

Hearthstone Update Sees Basic & Classic Cards Take Hits


Blizzard have announced this update under the title, Keeping Hearthstone Fresh. Here's a few words from the company's representative:

As the Year of the Kraken approaches, the time has come to reveal the results of our Basic and Classic card review. We focused on Basic and Classic cards because those sets will form the foundation of both formats for years to come. It took much careful consideration to arrive here, but we believe that—between our own analysis and reading plenty of community feedback—we’ve identified the right cards to change.

And here are some of the bigger changes that we took note of:

  • Force of Nature - The new version of Force of Nature lowers its mana cost by 1, but removes Charge and makes the summoned Treants permanent—like the other Treants that Druids summon. This change also removes the powerful one-turn combo of Force of Nature and Savage Roar. Now, opponents will have a chance to deal with the threat that the Treants represent, and it won’t feel mandatory to always include the combo.
  • Ironbeak Owl - Ironbeak Owl is a staple source for an inexpensive Silence in many decks. In line with our overall goal to make Silence effects more costly, Ironbeak Owl is moving from 2 to 3 mana.
  • Blade Flurry - Blade Flurry is a problem because it enables both board clear and heavy burst damage, and it’s also an obstacle to adding better cards for Rogues. To address these issues, the cost of Blade Flurry is moving from 2 to 4 mana, and it will now only affect minions, so that Rogues have to choose between removing threats or damaging the enemy Hero.
  • Arcane Golem - Charge is an ability we’ve learned to use sparingly. Arcane Golem has been a staple in many aggressive and ‘one turn kill’ combo decks, and its drawback is rarely relevant. We’re addressing both issues by removing Charge and increasing Arcane Golem’s Health, while leaving its drawback. Arcane Golem will now be a 3 mana 4/4 with Battlecry: Give your opponent a Mana Crystal.
  • Molten Giant - Molten Giant is an interesting card, but it’s too easy for players to reduce its mana cost to 0. We’re increasing Molten Giant’s mana cost to 25 to increase the risks players must take to get a free Giant. The changes to Force of Nature and Arcane Golem will make dropping to low health somewhat less risky as well, which helped spur this change.

These changes will arrive as part of Hearthstone Patch 5.0. Additionally, players can anticipate the arrival of Hearthstone's newest expansion: Whispers of the Old Gods. We'll also see the introduction of formats, and the beginning of the Year of the Kraken!

Are you still an avid fan of Blizzard's Hearthstone? Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments below!

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