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You're more than likely completely aware of the major changes that are coming to LoL when the incoming mid-season update rolls around, but did you know that Riot Games has something friggin' huge in store for everyone's favorite Dragon?

To dispel with rumors that all the update would bring was a few changes to buffs here, or gaining more gold there, Riot wrote a very informative post about the drafting in of elemental dragons, and exactly why this change to the scaly, xp boosting badass is happening.

Gonna miss you, bruh
Gonna miss you, bruh

Dragon is being replaced by 5 creatures of staggering elemental power: the fire, air, water, earth and elder dragons. During the initial 35 minutes of a game, any one of these dragons will spawn. And as soon as that beastie is slain, your minimap will offer you a big old hint as to where the next one will be appearing.

But Why?

I'll leave that to Riot to explain themselves:

We had multiple goals when updating dragon.

- Increase the average value of dragon so it's more appealing to contest it (drives early conflict in particular) without making it a must do as soon as possible every game.

- Introduce more game-to-game variation. We want to create different situations to respond to, with the feeling that games are more meaningfully different from each other. There should be different strategic situations to understand and respond to and handling that well is we believe a core skill in LoL.

- Create additional opportunities to play around dragon as an objective in interesting ways.

With each elemental dragon comes huge bonuses. Earth dragon boosts damage made to turrets and monsters, air dragon boosts your champion's movement speed outside of battle, fire dragon boosts the damage your champion inflicts and water boosts health and mana regeneration.

Now the elder dragon brings with it some very interesting buffs. When you manage to take the elder down (which will be very difficult, seeing as it is far tougher than the rest) it will imbue you with a perk that allows your spells and attacks to accrue more damage over time, besides a few more perks. But I don't want to spoil the fun.

Naturally each dragon will be difficult to take down in their own ways, with the water dragon's attacks having the ability to slow your champion's movement speed, and the earth dragon's increased difficulty will lead into a much longer battle.


What do you make of that?

Riot have a pretty interesting plan for keeping us on our toes! But will it pay off?

(Source: LoL Boards)


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