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With music icon Prince's tragic death the other day, we have been made to relive what is potentially one of the most awkward celebrity encounters ever. And surprise, surprise -- it concerns none other than Queen of Social Media, Kim Kardashian.

Back in 2011, Kimmy appeared on stage with His Royal Badness at Madison Square Gardens and things got really weird.

Essentially, the problem lay with the fact that Kim didn't realise that when you're asked to come on stage with one of the most legendary pop stars in the world, you're kind of supposed to at least try to get involved. Y'know, at least dance or seem enthusiastic or something.

Instead, the reality TV star just clapped a bit and shook head head before saying "no." Prince, the entertainer that he is, tried to get her involved by pulling some funky shapes around her before realizing that he might as well be watching paint dry. Consequently, he told her to jog on with a kurt "get off the stage." Awks.

Watch the cringe-worthy moment here:

Kim later tweeted about the soul-destroying moment:

Oh Kim, I hope you've learnt your lesson! When a Prince tells to shake that bulbous booty of yours, you do it.

Was this the most awkward moment ever?



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