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It's been 16 years (16 YEARS!) since we first got to grips with how to kickflip in the now seminal Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. We sang along with Millencolin and Bad Religion, cheered when Spider-Man was unlocked and roared with laughter at our siblings' sub par abilities on the half pipe.

But what of the game's iconic list of pro skaters? The heroes of what could be one of the greatest sports games ever made? What are they upto now?

Let's have a look shall we?

1. Tony Hawk

Despite being arguably the greatest skater of them all, Hawk is quite the humanitarian and business man too; what with The Tony Hawk Foundation which builds skate parks in low-income communities, and his skate wear company 'Birdhouse' is still happily grinding away.

2. Bob Burnquist

Did you know the Brazillian magician was voted one of Rolling Stone magazine's top athletes in '99? Burnquist's house is home to one of the most incredible skate parks in the world, and is one of the few to boast its very own corkscrew.

3. Kareem Campbell

The notoriously elusive Campbell hasn't really been up to much on the scene after his mid-90's heyday, but he is still running his skating brand City Stars -- the same brand that created talents like Paul Rodriguez and Mikey Taylor.

4. Elissa Steamer

The first lady of professional skateboarding, Steamer saw her career fall into disrepair after years of alcohol and drug abuse.

5. Rune Glifberg

If it wasn't for Glifberg's friend, skateboarding would have never been graced with the ice cool Danish legend. Not that big on the competitive scene anymore, Glifberg nowadays only competes in Skateboard Park events at X-Games.

6. Eric Koston

One of the most impressive street skaters your eyes will ever fall upon, Koston has been out of the game for some time now, but like many of his peers has fingers in the pies of various skate wear companies, like Fourstar Clothing and The Berrics.

7. Steve Caballero

The legendary skater and musician was the eldest skater in THPS2, having begun his career in 1976. Caballero is most renowned for his insane vertical style, and he held the record for most air achieved on a half pipe. He was also the first skater to get their very own pair of kicks.

8. Bucky Lasek

Still a constant fixture at vert competitions and X-Games, did you know Lasek won gold in all four of his X-Games appearances in 2013? Lasek is now a pro rallycross driver with Subaru Rally Team USA.

9. Andrew Reynolds

The hard partying Reynolds now has one of the most influential skating brands in the world, which has managed to stand the test of time.

10. Rodney Mullen

Mooted as the father of modern skateboarding, Mullen is a bonafide legend. He invented many of the tricks that would go on to become staples, such as the tre-flip, kickflip. flatground ollie and the impossible.

11. Jamie Thomas

Thomas saw his career raise and dip over the years. Despite still being a top boarder, Thomas saw his business ventures Zero Skateboards and Fallen Shoes switch hands and close respectively.

12. Geoff Rowley

The Englishman has become one of the most renowned names in skateboarding, and is quite the entrepreneur too. He co-owns Flip Skateboards and owns Civilware Service Corp. He also managed to bag himself Thrasher Magazine's Skater of the Year award back in 2000.

13. Chad Muska

Named as one of the most influential skater of all time by Transworld SKATEboarding Magazine, Muska is now quite the talented multimedia artist with him having created beats for hiphop luminaries such as Jeru the Damaja and Wu Tang's Raekwon.

Who was your favorite skater in THPS2?


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