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Well, it seems that the streaming craze isn't anywhere near done as nearly everything is showing up on-line. Whether it's Hulu, Netflix, Amazon or any number of other premium streaming services, it sure looks like developing shows for this medium is where everything is heading. And I don't blame studios for shifting that direction, it's a great venue with a truly broad reach and it allows more flexibility than a network station would offer.

With the success of Marvel's collection of heroic shows on Netflix (Daredevil & Jessica Jones), as well as the variety of other phenomenal streaming only shows on the various services, it only makes sense for these providers to expand their reach into newer ventures. And, honestly, thanks to the popularity of comic book based shows in general (The Walking Dead, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow) it wouldn't surprise me to think that there are more similar shows on their way to a screen near you. I even wrote about a few that I thought would make for good entertainment here.

So, there's already a high demand for the material, and it makes sense to step into new ventures, so the question becomes what's next?

Well recently Karl Urban took to twitter and put this beauty out there

Now, granted it's far from set in stone, but imagine if Karl Urban returned for more Judge Dredd on a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon?

Karl's tweet is a bit out of left field without the reference of the tweet image he mentions. The tweet in question is the below image.

Watching a Netflix original movie could definitely quench my thirst for the Law, but what do you think?


Would you be interested in a streaming original follow-up to Dredd?


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