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With the MCU continuing to grow we are always in need of new heroes to come along and become apart of the MCU family. But arguably more important than the heroes......the VILLAINS! Without the villains there really wouldn't be any point to a superhero movie. With a lot of the villains in the MCU being killed off so soon I think it's time to expand the villains roster for the MCU. So here are the top 5 villains I, and maybe you would love to see cause chaos in the MCU.

5. Taskmaster

Taskmaster is one of the most merciless and emotionless villains in the Marvel Universe. With photographic reflexes he can basically learn anything just by looking at it. Knowing many different martial arts and fighting styles, it makes him one of the most challenging opponent to any superhero. Another quality that makes him quite menacing is the fact that once something kills him, it will no longer be able to kill him in the future. The MCU would really be able to be creative in the use of Taskmaster since they wouldn't just be able to kill him off for good.

4. M.O.D.O.K

M.O.D.O.K (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) created by A.I.M. to be the perfect evil genius leader, would most certainly be a fine addition to the MCU. He's a character that is a villain to many and would be one of the most interesting Marvel villains to grace the screen. His genius evil schemes and plans would provide our Marvel heroes and heroines will a great intellectual challenge as well as a physical one.

3. Bullseye

Bullseye is considered by most to be one of Daredevil's biggest foes to date. Being one of the most skilled marksmen in comics truly makes him one of the most feared assassin's around. Bullseye can make anything into a dangerous weapon, makes him very resourceful for sure. He's definitely one of the characters many would love to see for Daredevil Season 3. I think after first Daredevil movie we deserve for Bullseye to be done right now that he back home at Marvel for good! Having him team up with Vincent D'Onofrio would be a sight to see that many fans have been waiting for!

2. Mephisto

Mephisto, ruler of Hell is one of the most frightening and powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Ruling over Hell where demons, and tortured souls roam he is nearly unstoppable while in his dimension. With bringing a character like him onto the silver screen, he would also bring his demonic son Blackheart to help create chaos inside the MCU. Having ties to many characters in the Marvel universe it would be interesting too see him take on heroes like Dr.Strange. With Mephisto battling with a character like Dr.Strange will set a dark and horrifying tone to the movie to make Dr.Strange the darkest MCU to date. With the new Dr.Strange already being the darkest movie that Marvel has tackled so far, Mephisto being brought in for a sequel will really bring fans of Mephisto new and old to the theaters.

1. Mysterio

With Spider-Man in the MCU and the Spider-Man solo movie coming out in 2017 it would be amazing (pun intended) to see beloved Spidey villains not yet seen on the screen. Mysterio would be a prefect addition to the roster of villains in the MCU. Often overlooked as a great villain, this master of illusions is a talented special effects artist, as well as a hypnotist, chemist, and even magician. He's a villain that is sometimes forgotten about, he would be the Spider-Man villain no one would really expect to see!

So that is my list of villains I would want to see in the MCU. What do you think? Do you agree? Anyone else in mind? Let me know in the comments!


Which villain do you want to see in the MCU?


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