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How to add a Captain America 3D Shield to you Video Production.

Everybody is super excited for the release of the Captain America Civil War movie which of course features Spider-Man. So i thought, lets create a video tutorial, keeping the them of the new film. I'm currently in production of a short film featuring this effect, and excited to share this with you when it releases around the same time as the Civil War film.

Adobe After Effects Captain America 3D Shield Tutor
Adobe After Effects Captain America 3D Shield Tutor

This tutorial was created by myself to help others who are crazy about making good content for YouTube as i am.

Captain America has some pretty awesome skills when it comes to using his shield. Some favorite moments in the films are when he throws his shield to defeat his enemies. Do i thought, how cool would it be to test my visual effects skills, and attempt to replicate a Captain America throw. After a few hours of solid editing, I finally completed the goal i set myself. To be honest i surprised myself, but equally excited to now being able to use this in my current short film project.

How do i watch this tutorial? Simply click HERE to watch the video tutorial, or watch down below.

The tools you will need to make this work will be Adobe After Effects and Elements 3D from Video Copilot.

Please watch and share with your friends. Loads more tutorials like this coming soon. Subscribe to the channel for the latest new short Marvel film coming very soon.

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