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As a lifelong Archie comics fan, I feel just a bit giddy of ol’ carrot top’s renaissance. Once the object of ridicule due to its anachronistic view of American life, Archie seems now more than ever ready for the limelight. Admittedly, this author was excited when the CW Television Network decided to try their hand at the world of Archie with their pilot “Riverdale.” I was a tad less excited when rumors were leaked saying that this go ‘round was more of a “subversive” take. “I wanted Archie Andrews and the gang as I remember them!” I told myself as I cried tears of nostalgia. Then it hit me.

Archie has never been afraid to “get weird.” No, seriously, take these for instance:

1) Archie Vs Sharknado

What started off as a movie every one watched ironically and eventually grew into a blockbuster franchise, “Sharknado” has been quite the quirky premise for a disaster movie. It was more jarring to see the jawclone fly into Riverdale, a town that—depending on the writer—is miles from the nearest beach (or are they by a lake? Continuity woes).

2) Archie Meets The Punisher

Yes, that Punisher. Before Frank Castle was dancing with the devil of Hell’s Kitchen, he was on a mission that sent him to Archie’s hometown on a mission. Unfortunately for Archie, he looked just like one of The Punisher’s targets. Um, hilarity ensues…?

Is was here that Archie knew he screwed up...
Is was here that Archie knew he screwed up...

3) Archie Vs The Predator

Yo Alien, I’m a let you finish, but Archie had the best AVP of all time! The gang takes a tropical vacation, only to have the Predator follow them back home! You would think an overgrown creature bent on destruction would make national headlines, but I guess the citizens of Riverdale like keeping things close to the chest.

A pic from the new Tourism Board ads...
A pic from the new Tourism Board ads...

Check out this bonus clip of Archie’s 1990s cartoon, Archie’s Weird Mysteries:

Things are weird in Riverdale indeed.

Which crossover was your favorite? Sound off below!


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