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A year has now gone by since we waved goodbye to some of the most lovable and relatable characters of a TV series yet to come. Glee came into our lives 7 years ago in 2009 and brought the laughter as we looked in at a Struggling Glee club trying to find its feet. For every outcast it gave a side to root for and many morals to listen and take in to their own lives.

In the Final episode that aired March 2015 all of their story-lines were wrapped up perfectly, but let us have a look at what some of these budding young stars have been putting that talent into more recently.

Lea Michele (Rachel Berry)

Left Lea Michele in 2009, Right Lea Michele 2016
Left Lea Michele in 2009, Right Lea Michele 2016

They always managed to get the correct balance between loving and hating Rachel Berry in the Series and she did get a lot easier to manage as the Seasons progressed. We saw her blossom into a successful star of stage which was her dream come true.

In reality Lea Michele landed a role in the hit TV series 'Scream queens' in 2015 as soon as she had finished working on Glee. She was even nominated for a 'People's choice award' for 'favourite actress in a new TV series'. She is also involved in a lot of charity work.

We recently also saw her tragically sad post sharing her recent tattoo of the number 5. This was the number on the football Jersey fellow Glee Star and past lover Cory Monteith wore. Sadly he passed away in July of 2013 from a drug overdose. He is still in the memories of many Glee fans however.

And one more.. for my Quarterback.. #5 ❤
Lea Michele's tattoo for Cory Monteith
Lea Michele's tattoo for Cory Monteith

Harry Shum Jr (Mike Chang)

Left 2010, Right 2016
Left 2010, Right 2016

Harry Shum Jr was never at the front of our screens for long but when he busted his moves we wanted him to stay on the stage for ever. We never really heard what happened to Mike Chang so assume it was a fairly modest life he lived after the Glee club, but Harry Shum Jr has shown the meaning of success.

He received his big film role as Wei Fang in 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny' which was released earlier this year. His training in dance helped with this role as he needed to show a lot of skill in Flips and Fighting.

He now stars in the ever-growing new series 'Shadowhunters' as Magnus Bane. A role that gives him a lot more screen time than 'Glee'. His fan-base has grown substantially and now from a different audience as well.

Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams)

Left 2009, Right 2016
Left 2009, Right 2016

Artie showed what it was to chase a different dream to the other Glee clubbers and found his love in Directing film.

Kevin Mchale has embraced an entirely new angle and has found a new audience in the UK as the Presenter of Panel show 'Virtually Famous'. Currently on its third season, he quizzes various celebrities on online clips that have become viral internet hits. He shows himself as quite the comedian and surely has a bright future to come.

Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson)

Left 2010, Right 2016
Left 2010, Right 2016

Darren Criss rose to fame for his comedic portrayal of Harry Potter in 'A very Potter Musical' and fortunately landed the Role of Blaine Anderson in the second season of Glee. He was and still is one of the most loved characters and we hated to see him in any turmoil.

Criss has been starring on Broadway for several years now and again followed in the footsteps of Daniel Radcliffe starring in 'How to Succeed in business without really trying'. However this was in 2012 when he was still playing Blaine. After finishing Glee in 2015 he moved on to play Hedwig in 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' from April to July.

Melissa Benoist (Marley Rose)

Left 2012, Right 2016
Left 2012, Right 2016

Although she had one of the shortest stints In Glee out of the main cast, Melissa Benoist managed to land one of the most anticipated roles of last year, Supergirl. It hasn't done quite as well as we would have expected though and her career may be taking a dip a lot sooner than expected.

There was a lot of confusion in the final Glee episodes as to why she was missing when every other actor had made a return for the Grand finale. Some people thought It didn't seem to be as much of a life commitment to her as the other stars. It was however due to a clash in schedules of recordings for 'Super girl' and 'Glee' and she wasn't able to attend along with a few other cast members that had prior engagements.

So there are a few of the bits and pieces a handful of the stars have been putting together. Hopefully when we look back again in 5 or 10 years there will many more exciting stories to add to the list.


Who was your favourite Original Glee member?


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