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Okay so let me start off with saying this theory is pretty exciting. I dissected both of these two films and decided that I would share with you how it is very possible that 'Click' is 'Nine Lives' prequel. Now don't get me wrong it is just a theory so everyone keep their pants on and please don't yell at each other (debates are fun so do what you want). Let's do this thing!


That is Kevin Spacey as an adorable kitty
That is Kevin Spacey as an adorable kitty

1. Let's start with the plots of both films:

These plot summaries are both summed up from Rotten Tomatoes


Michael Newman (Adam Sandler), a workaholic, spends most of his time working and doesn't spend anytime with his family. He is always trying to be a good father but fails pretty much every time. After a frustrating night with a broken television remote Michael decides to buy a universal remote at Bed Bath and Beyond by an inventor named Morty (Christopher Walken). Morty shows Michael how to use the remote and to Michael's surprise; the remote can be used on everyday life. Michael eventually fast forwards through his life without ever spending time with his family and doesn't realize the mistakes he has made until it's to late.

Nine Lives:

Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) is a workaholic billionaire that never spends time with his family. Tom's daughter's birthday has arrived and wants her father to buy her a cat. After much arguing he decides that he will give her the wish of the cat. His GPS takes him to a strange pet store where the owner Felix Perkins (Christopher Walken) shows him a beautiful tom cat. He decided to take the cat and eventually blacks out on the way home. To Tom's surprise he has been turned into the cat. He eventually notices what his family really means to him but he can't do anything about it in his new body.


This is my first point of the theory. These two workaholics are both given some kind of item that changes their perspective of true family values. Oh and did I mention that Christopher Walken gave both characters that item.

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2. Christopher Walken's role

So if the similar plots don't convince you then maybe this will. Christopher Walken is in both of these films as the "strange" man that changes the main protagonist's life. I know what you are thinking..."no no no, they might be the same actor but the characters are different". Get ready to have your mind blown.

Click: Morty is the hidden name for Marty from Back to the Future

This has been even been made into the parody of the adult swim cartoon 'Rick and Morty'. Morty has been a future nickname for the Marty of Back to the Future and could have easily been used as a disguise for the scientific inventor Morty from 'Click'. Marty was accompanied by an inventor scientist just like how Morty is an inventor scientist.

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Nine Lives: Felix is the hidden name for Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat has been a beloved cartoon cat for years and is easily a disguise name for the pet owner from Nine Lives; Felix Perkins. I could even go as far as saying that Perkins is a main supplier of CAT gas and diesel engines. That might be stretching though. Oh and Perkins just sounds like Puurrkins. So there is that as well.

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The point of the names are simple. Christopher Walken is the same character in each film, he just uses a name to disguise his identity by using a name that is most like the profession he is trying to play off. Christopher Walken is the main key to this whole theory.

3. The Overall Lessons

As we learned by both of these films, family values is the main issue. In 'Click' Morty gives Michael a remote to show him how to be a better family man. In 'Nine Lives' Felix gives Tom a cat to show him how to become a better family man. In both films one character is sent to a troubled family to bring them together by doing the extreme. Is Christoper Walken's character....dare i angel?

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What do think about this theory? Is it pretty clear that 'Nine Lives' is 'the sequel to 'Click'? Or is it just a case of very close plot writing?

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