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2016 marks the 41st anniversary of the cult classic musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The film burst onto the scene with the 1975 film adaptation and it's never fully gone away, as it still resonates with audiences via television, theatrical performances, and movie theater events. Fox is even giving us a TV-musical remake of the film this fall.

Although we all know the words and love the story, this article will focus on 21 little-known facts about The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you were already aware of this fan trivia you might as well do the time warp because you're a true Transylvanian. If not, here's your chance to jump in.

21. Rocky Horror wasn't released on VHS until 1990

At least not in the United States. When VHS copies hit US shelves, it retailed for $89.95. Adjusted for inflation, that would cost you over $160 in 2016.

20. Barry Bostwick accidentally hit Susan Sarandon

After Frank-N-Furter insults Dr. Scott, Brad steps up to his defense by banging his hands on the table. He also manages to smash his fiancé's hand in the process. If you look closely, you can see Susan Sarandon's more than displeased reaction.

19. But don't worry, Sarandon got back at him

After having her hand smashed, Sarandon stepped on Bostwick's foot during the Floor Show scene. Whether it was intentional or not is a whole other story.

18. Brad and Janet are listening to a famous speech on the radio

While on their way to see Dr. Scott, the two youngsters are listening to President Richard Nixon's 1974 resignation speech.

17. The film was partially shot at the Oakley Court castle

Oakley Court was built in 1859 and the exterior has been filmed for several horror movies. It was refurbished in 1981 and is now a luxury hotel. Yes, you can stay there!

16. Steve Martin auditioned for the role of Brad Majors

But come on, can you imagine anyone else as Brad?

15. Mick Jagger wanted to play Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Yes, it's true that the Rolling Stones frontman wanted to be part of the action. Sorry Mick, but no one can beat Tim Curry.

14. The skeleton in the clock was real

Richard O'Brien has said the woman who commissioned the clock said it was a real skeleton. The clock later sold at auction for £35,000 (over $50,000).

13. Patricia Quinn's hair wasn't really red

Rather than dying her hair, Quinn had her hair sprayed red every day on set.

12. The cast wasn't told about Eddie's corpse

In order to get genuine reactions, the crew didn't tell the cast what was underneath the tablecloth. Surprise!

11. Susan Sarandon caught pneumonia while filming

Hard to believe, but the set didn't feature any restrooms or heat. When Susan Sarandon complained about the conditions the studio told her she was complaining too much. After filming the pool scene, Sarandon caught pneumonia.

10. Richard O'Brien wrote the film along with the stage play and book

O'Brien, who plays Riff Raff, is truly the genius behind The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He wrote the original 1973 stage production and adapted it into a screenplay.

9. Rocky Horror holds a record for the longest theatrical run in film history

The same film reels have been playing in circulation worldwide since the film's initial release in 1975.

8. The red triangle on Frank-N-Furter's jacket has some symbolism

The upside down triangle was a symbol used by the Nazis during WWII to symbolize a homosexual in the concentration camps. The symbol eventually was turned right side up and was seen as a sign of gay pride.

7. David Bowie's makeup artist created the iconic looks we love

Bowie's personal makeup artist, Pierre La Roche, is credited as being the "original makeup designs creator."

6. Meat Loaf never rode a motorcycle

Unfortunately, the Eddie we see zooming around on the motorcycle was a stunt double. For close-up scenes of Meat Loaf, he is being pushed around in a wheelchair.

5. There were only two Americans cast in lead roles

Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon are the only two Americans featured in lead roles. Although Meat Loaf is also an American, he's not necessarily a lead actor.

4. Patricia Quinn's lips are the famous lips in the intro

Although Quinn initially turned down the film role, she agreed after she was given permission to serve as the lips in the opening song. Just a side note: Quinn wore false teeth to cover her own. You can see two sets of bottom teeth in certain angles.

3. Three actors from the stage play returned to reprise their roles in the film

Other than O'Brien, the only actors from the stage production who returned are: Patricia Quinn, Little Nell, and Tim Curry.

2. Peter Hinwood was not an actor

Hinwood unfortunately was just an underwear model who was brought in to play Rocky. And no, that isn't his own singing voice. The voice was provided by Australian actor Trevor White.

1. Rocky Horror was Tim Curry's feature film debut

And what a debut it was!


To commemorate the film's 40th anniversary in 2015, select cast members reunited for Entertainment Weekly's annual reunion issue. Included in the project were cast members: Barry Bostwick, Meatloaf, Patricia Quinn, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Curry.


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