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Fans are abuzz about the confirmed appearance of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in the upcoming Marvel film Spider-Man: Homecoming. But what exactly is his role in the plot? Here are four ways Iron Man could help shape the story of Spidey's first solo in the MCU.


Another relatively unlikely possibility is that Tony will invest in Parker Industries. In the comics, Parker Industries is founded by Otto Octavious while in control of Peter's body. A movie version could definitely make an appearance, especially since Spider-Man: Homecoming is set several years out from Civil War. Though this is perhaps the least likely of all, it's still an interesting possibility.


If Spidey does switch to Team Cap in Civil War, things may not be so hot between master and apprentice. Though I find it unlikely that they'll come to blows in Spidey's solo outing, Tony could still make Peter's life difficult, especially if he's operating illegally.


The simplest role for Tony is that of a mentor to Peter. Peter is a young hero and budding genius in high school. Given that Spidey is Team Iron Man, it could be shown through flashbacks set prior to Civil War or in "modern" times after. It'd show Spidey's progression in to the scientific side of things, and develop Tony in a new way as well.


Superhero movie fans have long had a pretty significant question: why don't superheroes ever help each other out? Sure, sometimes various events are personal or other heroes arent available, but when the life of the President is in danger (Iron Man 3) you'd think at least Captain America would show up. That could change With Homecoming. If Spidey is taking on a villain or villains too big for him to face alone, it wouldn't surprise me if the Iron Avenger showed up. This not only gives us an awesome team-up and a wider range of potential enemies, but it eases our minds about that one simple question.


What role do you think Iron Man will play in Spider-Man: Homecoming?


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