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It's incredible to think just how time really does fly when we remember movies from our childhood. A movie in particular that I always remember and still enjoy to this day is Shrek. The film is now 15 years old and a lot has changed in the animated films we see today. Despite its age though, the movie still holds up to some of the modern animation we have today. The thing about Shrek is that it wasn't only the animation that made the film amazing, but the cast ensemble as well. I decided to take a look back at the main cast of the film and see where they are today.

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Shrek (Mike Myers)

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Of course, we couldn't start off with anyone else than the protagonist who we all came to love and understand. It was really refreshing to see them bring so much life to a character such as Shrek. In many past animations, Ogres were primarily shown as villains or just mindless minions. Shrek, on the other hand, was shown as a sort of anti-hero who later did, in fact, become the hero of the story. He was brought to life by Mike Myers who absolutely nailed the emotions he needed to have to make it work. Mike Myers was a former SNL alumni and was also the man who brought Austin Powers to life. In the years following Shrek he went on to make the many sequels that followed it as well as continuing his Austin Powers role in future movies.

Fiona (Cameron Diaz)

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What is a fairy tale story if you don't have your princess? This story, however, didn't just make Fiona a damsel in distress as she held her own in many parts of the movie. Fiona was the princess Shrek had to help rescue but as he soon found out she was like no other princess he had seen. Fiona was brought to life by the wonderful and funny Cameron Diaz. In her career prior to Shrek Cameron Diaz was probably best known for her role in The Mask. Since Shrek, she has appeared in many comedies as well as the Shrek sequels that followed

Donkey (Eddie Murphy)

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The hero always has to have a sidekick to aid him on his quest whether it's for help physically or emotional he is always there. In Shrek, we got a different type of sidekick in the form of Donkey, a talking donkey that just didn't know when to keep quiet. Although Donkey was seen as a joke to Shrek he later realized just how valuable he actually can be. Donkey was voiced by the super funny Eddie Murphy who already had an established career as a stand-up comic and movie star. Eddie prior to Shrek brought us classics such as Coming To America, The Nutty Professor, and Beverly Hills Cop. In the aftermath of Shrek Murphy went on to appear in various comedy movies and also got nominated for an Oscar in the acclaimed Dreamgirls film. Of course like his co-stars prior he went on to appear in the various Shrek sequels that followed the film's release.

Lord Farquaad ( John Lithgow)

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The main antagonist of the film without a doubt has to be Lord Farquaad and he was just the guy you hated right from the beginning. All he wanted was a princess to become king and didn't even have the audacity to save her himself. He sent out Shrek and Donkey to do his bidding by basically blackmailing them. I mean if that doesn't scream out bad guy then just remember what he did to the Gingerbread Man. The character was voiced by John Lithgow who already had more than two decades of experience in TV, stage, and film. He went on to appear in many different plays, TV shows, and movies as well as appearing opposite Shrek co-star Eddie Murphy in Dreamgirls.

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There you have it 15 years later and it seems the cast of Shrek is doing just fine after the huge success of the movie. It was such a success that it spawned many sequels, video games, merchandise, a comic book, and even became a stage musical. It is also highly credited to putting Dreamworks up there in competition with Pixar's animation. If you have not watched Shrek yet then I highly suggest you do so because it's a great film to enjoy with the whole family.


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