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We are only a few episodes away from the Season 4 finale of Arrow. With season 5 looming this fall, it may be time to look ahead to what the show will do with one of it's most prominent elements.. Flashbacks.

5 Years in Hell. With this Wig
5 Years in Hell. With this Wig

Oliver spent 5 years away which means we are privy to 5 seasons of flashbacks to compliment the current seasons tone. Oliver has been through some stuff during those 5 years and the writers so nicely fit it in with the season at hand. What happens to the show when the flashbacks stop? Season's 5 end will end up being where Season 1 starts, being "found" on Lian Yu. Here a few options to explore.


Call it wrap, end it while it is still good. Smallville lasted 10 seasons but got weird and dumb during seasons 5-8. It got good again in the last two seasons. The cast changed over and it was a different show all together. I do not want to see Arrow make this mistake. I also do not want to say goodbye to these characters. With Flash, Legends, and most like another Arrow spin off, these characters are developed enough to pop in and out of the Arrowverse shows. I'd love to see a Birds of Prey or Roy Harper focused show to take Arrow's place and have tons of appearances for the cast of Arrow. I can see Barry calling on Oliver and team Arrow to help with the big bad. It would keep Star City alive in the background without us seeing weekly episodes on it.


Time travel and the multiverse have been made possible by the Flash and Legends. It's proven to be good with very few holes poked in it. Flash even jumped universes and networks for a Supergirl team up! Arrow can add to the trend by showing visions of an older Oliver Queen in action. If we did 5 years of flash backs, let's do 5 years of future visions. This could be done by doing a "One Tree Hill" style time jump. Start season 6 by picking up 5-10 years after the end of season 5. This would make the current team the new flashbacks and give us a chance to see how Green Arrow turns out down the road. This would create some things to play with regarding crossovers. Arrow/Flash team ups would be in the past. Maybe they can play into a rift story line between Oliver and Barry where flashbacks show what happened and how they make up. It would also get us to the year 2024 faster and that is the year Flash disappears according to Eobard Thawne's future newspaper in Flash season 1. I personally do not want to wait 8 years to find out what happens, but want to see that story line play out. It would be cool to see present day Barry speed into the future and visit Oliver and the gang.


When Arrow got started, it was on the heels of Smallville ending and LOST still being a thing. So the flashback elements mixed with a superhero show was a great idea. This season's flashbacks have sucked. They totally made it crazy to fit the mold of this season's big bad being one that uses the mystical arts. I like that Oliver is back on the island, but the whole mystical idol thing is little too Brady Bunch for me. I would not mind if the show simply went out with any sort of flash backs or flash forwards. It would force the writers to get deeper into plots for each episode rather than tell two same-but-different-stories based on present and past. Kill the flash backs and the show may find some new life that will make it last 10 seasons. I do not seen Stephen Amell going anywhere and that is all you need to go as long as possible with this show. It is the pioneer of having a connected universe on TV and is really DCs only successful live action universe at the moment. The DC cinematic universe has just started and has yet to be established. If it fails, expect the TV universe to explode with possibility.

Let me know what you think. What direction do you want to see Arrow go once the flashbacks catch up with season 1? If you have your own post below.


Which option do you want to see Arrow go after season 5?


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