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I've often enjoyed the fantasy of riding with Norman Reedus. Sometimes this fantasy includes his motorcycle.

Sexual jokes aside, Reedus will now bring us along for the ride in June on a six-part nonfiction series called Ride with Norman Reedus. You can catch it on Sunday, June 12 on AMC following the highly anticipated comic book adaptation Preacher.

Each hour-long episode follows Reedus as he travels around the country, introducing us to the often-misunderstood world of biker culture. The actor will make pit stops at custom bike shops, tattoo parlors and smokehouses as we meet collectors and mechanics along the way. His fellow bikers will include Peter Fonda, Robert Rodriguez and Balthazar Getty, who will accompany him as he tours North Carolina, Florida, California, Nevada, Texas and Louisiana.

Besides wanting to educate myself on proper biker etiquette, I have to admit I'll probably tune in to drool over sexy Norman. I mean, if he's looking for someone to ride pillion with on his motorcycle, then I'd be more than happy to hit the open road.

For now, this TV show will have to do.

[Source: YouTube]


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