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We review to DC's Legends of Tomorrow's new episode 'Last Refuge' from last week's cliffhanger. This was literally the busiest episode of Legend's of Tomorrow yet. It was a bit striking how the emotions were played out in this episode, and what was at stake here. We have come to know a bit about each of our heroes' past selves, including Rip's shady past, which was the pinnacle of this movie. Let us delve right into.

The episode starts off with tracking down The Pilgrim's whereabouts in Central City in the year 1990 where a younger version of Mick Rory just accidentally burned down his house and killed his parents, while running away and saving himself. Unbeknownst to him, The Pilgrim has a clear shot at Mick, as each of these assassinations require precise moments in time with precise shots. It is a one time deal. Miss it and you are done. Our heroes come back to 1990 to that exact same moment, and Ray Palmer in his Atom suit blasts The Pilgrim away just as she was taking the shot at Mick's younger self. The kid version of him is rescued, and stowed aboard the Waverider.

Next up, it is Sara's 2007 self in Central City that needed rescuing. This was a complicated situation. The younger Sara was arrested, apparently for crime, and handcuffed to a desk in the police station. His father is present, and is having a light father-daughter moment, as if she has been in this situation before and getting her out of these messes were his job. The Pilgrim attacks the Central City police force, and finally Quentin Lance, who manages to just get the young Sara out of the handcuffs in time to get her to run for her life. She gets trapped in no man's land eventually, and cornered, cowers as The Pilgrim takes aim. However, guess who is to the rescue? Mick Rory, and the older Sara. A tough fight ensues, and the younger Sara stares in disbelief at her older look-a-like fighting The Pilgrim off. Eventually Mick gets a shot and blasts him with his fire gun. That is another one saved.

We might have a small disagreement with the couple of young teenagers on board here and the present-day Sara Lance has to chide both her younger self as well as young Mick Rory to behave. Also, she mentioned to Mick that young Sara is not her type. She knows herself only too well then.

Ray's past was a bit less closer to comfort. Not only did he get attacked by The Pilgrim two years ago in 2014 at Palmer Tech, but his relationship with Kendra was coming to a fork in the road. Sustaining internal injuries as a result of the attacks that The Pilgrim was instilling upon the two years younger Ray, he was brought to the Waverider's med bay to scan for damage. Going back to the past, Firestorm tried to stop The Pilgrim but she can manipulate their time. She froze one of his fireball in mid-motion and reversed it on him. Rip tried and rescue the younger Ray but to no avail as The Pilgrim blasted them on to a wall. As luck would have it, Rip got hold of Ray'r early version of the Atom suit's glove, and blasted The Pilgrim out of the window with it. Done and dusted with this one. While the present day's Ray's injuries healed, Kendra confessed her love and willingness to live the rest of her moments in life with Ray. It was when we find a surprising proposal from Ray to get engaged to her. Kendra discusses this in private with Sara, and says she is not ready for marriage. Ray unfortunately overhears this and gets overwhelmed with emotion.

It is then we find out that Kendra would not be killed because she would just be reborn in her next life, and neither can Rip because he is a former Time Master and his past remains shady which could cause catastrophe throughout the timeline. So in order to rescue the rest of Snart, Dr. Stein's and Jax's former selves, Rip proposes a grand master plan: to kidnap their infant selves, right after they were born, so that The Pilgrim cannot take them because they would never have existed in this world because of being kidnapped onto the ship. First up? Leonard Snart. The year is 1972, and the baby Snart is lying in an incubator. Kendra and Sara are disguised as nurses and they take him away after some cuddles.

Next up is Martin Stein in Ivy Town, 1950. After his mom gave birth to him, Rip and Mick disguised as doctors take him away. Looks like Mr. Stein did not have much trouble trusting these two doctors.

Next up, we are greeted with an insight into Jax's life, where his father left him after birth and promised to come back on army duty, but died two weeks later. As such, Martin pokes his nose into messing with the timeline at the time when Jax was incubated as a child with his father watching over him, and advises the present Jax to have a heart-to-heart with his father. He does so, and the baby is taken away after the father leaves. The Pilgrim comes by and see a note that says 'Missed Me!" in Jax's incubator.

It is now that we start delving into Rip's shady past. Turns out, he has a foster mother who used to take care of all orphans who were snatched away by the Time Masters in order to be trained and be ready to serve as new Time Masters. These babies were rescued by Rip and placed into his foster mother's care, Mary Xavier, who also took in the children version of our heroes and was a real support for our Rip.

Time for a change in dynamics as Ray and Kendra have their own heartfelt conversation about marriage. Ray confessed to overhearing Kendra confiding in Sara that she was not ready for marriage and then it turns out Kendra confessed to Ray that she met her past self in 1871 in the town of Salvation who told her that she cannot love anybody other than Carter and that any other relationship will lead in heartbreak. Ray reminds her that this is her life and her decision rather than some old western woman who believes in curses. He leaves giving her time to decide on the future and give him an answer.

A new twist emerges, turns out Rip gets a message from The Pilgrim. She kidnapped all of our heroes loved ones and threatened to kill them if they did not surrender themselves. Rip devises a new plan and offers his younger self in return for everybody else's release. This is a turning point of the series as we shed new light on Rip's extremely shady past.

Turns out, the team did meet the younger Rip, back at Mary's care he was one of the boys playing around. Rip asks The Pilgrim to release all prisoners in return for the boy, who was brought here by the Mary herself. She decides to let Jax's father go, in return for the boy. A tense exchange occurs. The boy is goaded to go towards the The Pilgrim. What lies in wait was an ambush actually, as Sara and Mick and Snart were lying hidden ready to pounce at the right moment. They all attacked, and time stood still for each of them as she froze their advances with their blasts and weapons.

What occurs was an extreme surprising scenario. The Pilgrim gets Michael aka Rip Hunter. The younger version of himself plants a knife into The Pilgrim. She slaps him away but as a result of the distraction she loses control of the time freeze. Our heroes' vaporize her with their blasts into powder. Game over. Snart remarks on whether Rip tried to forget his roots, which is now revealed to be one of a mugger orphan, with no other way to escape poverty other than to steal. Rip replies grimly that he has tried, and walks away. This was an awesome moment in the episode.

Now that the danger is over, the immediate concern was to return the younger selves of the heroes to their specific time, as the duration between when their timeline would start to be affected without their presence was slowly going to set in. They are administered amnesia tablets, but not without Mick telling his younger self not to blame himself for his parents' death, Jax divulging to his father to 'keep his head down' on September 26 (the day his dad got killed), Stein trying to explain to his wife who he was, and so on.

Kendra accepts Ray's proposal to get engaged, and we share another happy moment with the couple. However, now the team has a new problem to work with. Time will begin to readjust without our heroes as they were kidnapped without trace in the past. The window of time that is going to allow this to happen was beginning to set, according to Rip. As such, they needed to move fast. This gives an indication that the team will move to kill Vandal Savage once and for all, before time erases our heroes from existence. They do not have time to locate a new time and location to find Savage, which is why Rip plans to hit him at the height of his powers - in 2166, when Savage was conquering the world.

A brilliant episode with a busy, packed and action-filled adventure gives us new insight into the past of Rip, Mick and Sara, but it is Rip's shady past that stands out as the centerpiece of this episode. It is how the young orphan had to struggle for a living, and live in an orphanage with his foster mother, and grow up not to trust anyone, and become a Time Master, only for himself to go back to her in times of need when she was his whole world of support. The last four episodes will work quickly to locate, plot and kill Savage, and the series has set in motion a quick and fiery ending to this season. A worthy 8.5/10 in this writer's view.


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