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Last night, I was lucky enough to read Captain America - Road to War and it shared some interesting tidbits about what The Avengers have been up to since the events of Age of Ultron. The comic started out with The Avengers training at the compound that we saw at the end of AOU; with Cap and Black Widow talking about their newly formed team. Also, Black Widow seems hesitant on whether they're capable of handling a high-pressure situation with clear heads this early in the game. I'm not quite sure on the timeline, but they've been training for a very long time and that means that in Civil War they're still very green as Avengers.

I've read a few of these comics that came before the movies and they're usually - well, not very good, but this one was different. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it might have gave us a few clues on what to expect in the upcoming movie. Scarlet Witch is by far the most interesting character in this comic and I cannot wait to see her in the movie.


Steve is worried about his team because they're untested in combat. He understands the situation and knows that just one mistake would be detrimental the Avengers' cause. Of course the bad guys are Hydra: They're trying to reassemble pieces from Ultron's Sentries to make a very, very large weapon.

Of course, Hydra must test their weapon and put innocents at risk because.... well, they're bad guys. So, The Avengers set out on their very first field mission with the team. I understand Cap's anxiety, but this is something that must happen. Cap then asks Tony if he would like to accompany them to the mission and Tony denies because he's working on tech for the common men.

And the team arrives somewhere in Eastern Europe and have to fight this crazy-huge looking robot. It's intense and the team of course struggles at first, but they're The Avengers. And Scarlet Witch and Vision basically delievers the final blow and they win. Scarlet Witch is struggling to master her powers, but she seems to be improving.

Steve is extremely happy with his team and he's confident moving forward. I'd worry that they're still inexperienced and that they are not quite ready for the big leagues -- and that could be disastrous for things to come (obviously).

The two things that I got out this comic: Wanda's not in control of powers and she still holds quite a bit of sadness over Pietro's death. I'm not sure if she should even be out in the field, but Cap feels differently. So, I'm pretty sure she's going to be caused of the disaster at Lagos. This also shines a different light on the events of Sokovia. Some people could argue that she's the sole cause of them by manipulating Tony into building Ultron. And if she's in fact responsible for the events of Lagos; then that'd make two accidents that she's at least partly responsible for -- which would create a ton of animosity with almost anyone with a seat of power.

I think Black Widow might blame Steve because he should have trained them better. And that's the reason she's on Team Iron Man. And it makes more sense why Black Widow would join Team Iron Man after witnessing all these horrible events.

Lastly, after reading this comic book, I can already see how you can understand both sides. Tony wants the destruction to stop and Steve believes that they should help people no matter what. I cannot wait to see this movie when it comes out May 6th in the United States! Oh yeah, we get to see the birth of Tony's Iron Man Watch in the comic at the very end.



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