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If you've watched the first two episodes of the new SyFy show Hunters and you're anything like me, the song that was playing in McCarthy's hideout that contained the secret messages for his fellows Hunters has been stuck in your head.

Here it is:

I decided to check out the song online, and once I listened to it, I started to think about what it might have to tell us about the aliens. After all, with seemingly millions of songs to choose from, that specific one was chosen, not only by the aliens but by the writers and producers of Hunters.

There has to be a reason.

Jules (Gareth Davies) discussing the song
Jules (Gareth Davies) discussing the song

The song is called Joan of Arc, and as Jules correctly stated, it's the 80s new wave band OMD. The lyrics are:

If Joan of Arc

Had a heart

Would she give it as a gift

To such as me

Who longs to see

How an angel ought to be

Her dream's to give

Her heart away

Like an orphan on a wave

She cared so much

She offered up

Her body to the grave

The song sings the praises Joan of Arc, who at the age of 13 said she heard the voice of God commanding her to dress like a man and join the French Army to fight England during the Hundred Years War. The war was waged because the English king, Edward III, made himself the King of France, setting up his family to rule both countries. For the French, the war can be thought of as one of independence.

McCarthy (Julian McMahon) recording the song
McCarthy (Julian McMahon) recording the song

We don't know a lot about why the Hunters are launching terrorist attacks against humanity, but we have heard repeatedly that they are everywhere, walking around in the guise of humans.

This is similar to Joan of Arc disguising herself to look like a man, so that she could fight for France. She was willing to die and eventually was martyred, as it seems the Hunters are willing to do for their mysterious cause.

Is it possible that what triggered the violence is similar to what began the Hundred Years War?

The natural thought is that the humans inhabited Earth first, and that the Hunters invaded somehow and embedded themselves among us.

But what if that's wrong?

What if the aliens aren't "alien" at all?

What if they were somehow the Earth's original inhabitants, and then the humans seized their planet much like King Edward III did the throne of France?

For more proof that Joan of Arc is significant to the plot of Hunters, you only need to look to the title of next week's episode The Maid of Orleans, which is the nickname of France's heroine.

I know I'll be tuning in to see what else we can learn about the Hunters.


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