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Marvel's Inhumans has lost its release date. The movie, which was targeted for July of 2019, is now without an official estimated release. So what exactly does this mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is Inhumans already on the cutting room floor?

Having films scheduled out for the next three years is a pretty big deal. Including Captain America: Civil War, there would be a total of ten Marvel films out before Inhumans graced the silver screen. That's quite a few points where things can go very right or very wrong. For example, if Spider-Man: Homecoming is successful, 2019 would be a prime year for a sequel to Spidey's story.

Inhumans, meanwhile, has very little precedence in the MCU as a whole. Though it would be loosely connected to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it will be a completely new property on the big screen. Compared to the likes of the Avengers and even the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Inhumans are a pretty unknown group to the general public, so it's a bit more risky. Marvel really has to make sure they can get people interested after dozens and dozens of superhero films.

The last thing Marvel wants now is to overpromise or invest in a future they'll likely want to change. So while it's unlikely Inhumans is completely off the table, Marvel now has a little more flexibility in its development and release.


Are you still hoping for Inhumans?


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