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If your a true Hellraiser fanatic, you've no doubt heard of that almost mythical missing scene from Hellbound: Hellraiser II. If not, check out theses stills of Pinhead and the female cenobite in blue scrubs. These images (which are absent from the film) have been featured in a lot of overseas artwork. Naturally it's got fans everywhere asking: "Where can we find this deleted scene?"

These stills have been appearing for years
These stills have been appearing for years

Firstly, here's how the scene was reported and meant to play out:

(Per Wiki:)

Originally, there was going to be an extra scene during the ending when Kirsty and Tiffany are running from Channard. The scene was planned thusly: During their escape, the duo run into a doctor and nurse. The doctor demands to know what are they doing.

Kirsty backs away in horror when suddenly the doctor and nurse turn into Pinhead and the Female Cenobite before [she] and Tiffany continue running. The scene was set to be filmed but was ultimately dropped for two reasons. One was because the filmmakers thought that having actor Doug Bradley as a normal doctor would confuse the viewers, and another was because the special effects for the scene turned out poorly, so it was decided to discard it altogether.

However, a photographer who was on set took some photos of Pinhead and the Female Cenobite dressed as surgeons which were used for promotion of the film, and were also used on some VHS/DVD covers of the movie, confusing fans and starting rumors about an “infamous deleted surgery scene." Some trailers do show a few shots from this unfinished scene, as well as parts of another deleted scene with Chatterer stopping the elevator with his hand and jumping at Kirsty and Tiffany.

Now, according to this (and many) sources, the scene was either not filmed or entirely destroyed. That supposedly being true, I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across this VHS work print on YouTube!

Now the sound quality isn't the best and not all of the SFX are in there — it's a work-print as I mentioned before. Still, I think the scene has potential and could have fit into the movie; although I'm told writer Peter Atkin himself stated that: “…the scene is shit,” so perhaps he had a point.

I wouldn't exactly say that, but it obviously has its faults. Plus, Hellraiser II is quite a long movie so I can see why it was an easier choice for the snip.

The second looks a little care bear-ish to me?
The second looks a little care bear-ish to me?

Here's something that struck me immediately: What's with the Chatterer design change here? The open eyes kind of reduced the impact of the makeup in my opinion.

Plus what the hell was with his death scream? He's an undead monster hell bent on giving pain — can't he handle losing a finger or two?

The Dr is here to see you
The Dr is here to see you

Either way, it's good to FINALLY see what all the rumors were about; shame we haven't had a good Hellraiser movie in the last two decades.

Perhaps one day Pinhead will be back.


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