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After years in development hell an adaptation of Garth Ennis's dark comedy about a Preacher tracking down God is coming to AMC from Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg (yes your thinking of the right ones). Since the series debuts on May 21st its time you got educated on the source material, what they're changing and what to expect from new series. Minor spoilers for the show and the comics are inbound. So let's see who's gone to Texas.


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The comic begins with small town Preacher Jessie Custer getting possessed by Genesis (a half angel, half demon creature) which kills his entire congregation. The first arc follows heaven's reaction to Genesis escaping to earth, racist cop's Hugo Root's investigation of the massacre and Jessie reuniting with his ex flame Tulip O' Hare. This will most likely be the basis of the first season. After this the series follows him having a road trip across America to find God so he can answer his sins.


Jessie Custer chillin
Jessie Custer chillin

This, like AMC's other juggernaut The Walking Dead the Preacher adaptation promises to be a loose one. So this is what they have changed.

  • The congregation doesn't die.
  • Tulip is African American.
  • Odin Quincannon is the first villain.

Now this is just off the top my head. It's also safe to say that AMC will have some of the more extreme elements of Preacher removed like the BDSM, Nazi imagery, the KKK's cameo and at least tone down some of the religious elements to avoid controversy. Though the series will change a lot it will most likely stay true to the tone of the source material.


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The show promises to be a dark comedy with a mix of action and satire. If done right this could become the new Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. If it fails at least it will expose people to a classic 90's series. If you have anything you would like to add or wanna insult me personally comment below.


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