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I personally am a big fan of the usage of the concept of 'The Inhumans' on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They have done a phenomenal job of doing the bridge work for a future film, and the fan base that keeps the show going agrees by a show of their returning for new episodes each week.

Disappointing news was announced by Marvel for both 'Inhumans' and 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' fans alike several months ago, as Marvel decided to indefinitely put the inhumans on hold. So the question is raised, why was it done after such a meticulous crafting of story for a film that wouldn't be released for four years when they were doing the concept on the show?

One word- X-Men.

Inhumans is a bombastic show of abilities that is meant to keep our eyes off the elephant in the room; Marvel wishing they could use mutants.

Inhumans? Merely a stop-gap solution to a long ongoing problem for the film and television juggernauts at Marvel Entertainment and Disney. They WANT that franchise back, and they want it a year ago

But rather than droll on about mere speculation on how or if this will happen, let's go over what we DO know, as fact.

  • 1. Marvel and Fox have already sat down once before.

Albeit against their desire to. During the productions of the films Avengers: Age of Ultron and X-Men:Days of Futures Past, both respective companies had an issue of copyright involving the character of Quicksilver. This isn't breaking news by any means.

But we also know that Marvel actually killed off their version of Pietro Maximoff, and we have to wonder, why would such a powerful company concede in that way? It begs the question further, if this was done to scratch Disney's back, how did Fox scratch Disney's? It could be debated that it's possible the deal was that Marvel keep Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff, Pietro/Quicksilver's sister) and Fox Keep the silver speedster himself.

However what if it went deeper than that? Or to play devil's advocate even, what if it didn't? Either way one thing we do know is this-

The issue of the Maximoff twins opened the door to negotiations between the two companies.

  • 2. Marvel is, and has been ,strong-arming Fox's properties for a year...and has no plans of letting up

Marvel released a title last October that canons the Terrigen Mists becoming a lethal biological weapon against mutants.

Which similarly they did with the Fantastic Four books about a year ago as well after the family was lost outside reality after the events of Secret Wars.

From the business side this is seen by many, myself included, as a tactical move by Marvel to remove X-men (and FF, but that's another topic for another day) as a whole from their line up in order to dry out the free advertising for Fox. Now, clearly that hasn't happened yet. Fox went over very successfully with their latest reboots from 'First Class' to 'Deadpool'. However...their last outing with 'Age of Apocalypse' left the viewing audience more dissapointed than not. Fox may be still feeling the burn from last summers' failed FF film, and is in need of a major win for the franchise. Cue- Marvel entertainment.

  • 3. Marvel is joining with Fox to help co-produce the TV shows 'Legion' and an unnamed-as-of-yet other property.

The first show will center around the son of Charles Xavier, Legion, which you can read more about HERE

The second is a freshly released show in development that has no name to date, that will apparently follow a family with mutant children on the run from an unforgiving racist world.

This is a big step for both companies as it is the first time that they have committed to a collaboration in any format together. It's exciting because it opens the thin slice of a path made from the Pietro issue that much more, hopefully leading to the inevitable crossover, finally, at the least, of both the Marvel Franchise, and the Fox franchises.

Which brings us to number 4 on our list.

  • 4. An 'X-Men Apocalypse' writer, Simon Kinberg himself, claims there is hope

Around the time of the release of the above mentioned film, the writer Simon Kinberg made this statement-

“I don’t think [it will happen] yet,” X-Men: Apocalypse writer Simon Kinberg told Digital Spy. “But certainly, obviously, it worked [for Sony] and there’s a lot of good will between me and Kevin. I think now actually between the studio and Marvel. There was a little bit of horse trading back and fourth in the process of making Deadpool, in a good way.”

This tells us a number of things.

1. Marvel worked with Fox on Deadpool

2. They see the success of adding Spider-man to the roster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Sony, and realize there is an opportunity there

3. Simon is a good friend of Kevin Feige, the big man on all things Marvel Cinematic related

So, while we may not see anything come from this in the immediate future, the bricks have been laid, the foundation has been cemented, and Fox and Marvel seem more like Tony and Cap, and less like Xavier and Magneto.

All of these factors combined leads to a pretty safe assumption, that some day, perhaps in the removed slot of inhumans for 2019, we could be seeing mutants finally return home to the MCU



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