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The CW Network have released an extended trailer for next's week episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The promo suggests that we'll get to see Hawkgirl fighting with her famous mace, the one she uses in the comics.

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The first season of Legends of Tomorrow is coming to a close. And we have spent almost an entire season, seeing Hawkgirl with her mace. We have seen her use other weapons on Legends of Tomorrow, but not her mace. But before Legends of Tomorrow aired, it was hard for any comic book fan to imagine Hawkgirl without her mace. But now the comic book fans will get to see the real Hawkgirl (now that she has her mace with her), next episode onwards.

Check out the promo down below:

Let us know what you think about finally getting to see Hawkgirl with her mace.

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