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Talk about shots fired! Wow, someone finally said it and called them out. With the upcoming release of X-Men: Apocalypse, we'll finally be able to see our favorite mutant heroes do some real kickass fighting against one of the greatest Marvel villains ever created! On the unfortunate side, with the new and yet somehow also old timeline of the current X-Men series, our once great characters like Cyclops (okay, maybe not him), Storm, and Jean being played by some fresh faces to the iconic franchise. Which makes sense being that we're meeting them as teenagers and not further along in the newly established timeline set by last year's Days of Future Past.

And even though the original Jean Grey, Famke Janssen, is super excited to see what Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner will bring to the character in the new film, she's also a tad disappointed that she can't make an appearance alongside the likes of her original (and dominantly male) X-Men co-stars.

When Janssen was asked about her thoughts regarding Turner taking on the role, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she spoke of nothing but high regard for the young actress and great anticipation for her performance, but also hinted that she was slightly on the negative side regarding how she got her final sendoff. Which is completely understandable given the new appearances made by Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman.

She said;

I’m actually really excited about it. And it’s not the first time obviously that it’s happened. In the X-Men series, they’ve been doing this for years. Although women, it’s interesting because they’re replaced, and the older versions – or more mature, whatever the politically correct version of that is – are never to be seen again. Whereas the men are allowed to be both ages. Sexism. I think that I should be back along with my younger version and the way that we’ve seen it with Magneto and Professor X

And she's totally right! McKellan, Stewart, and Jackman were not reduced to mere ten second cameos like she was at the end of Days of Future Past. They shared almost equal screen time with the younger versions of themselves. While Halle Berry did get a good chunk of screen time in the timetraveling prequel/sequel/hybrid/reboot, it wasn't near as much as McKellan or Stewart. And if you think about it, Rebecca Romijn (who briefly cameod in First Class) wasn't even invited to participate in the new film at all! Which is awful considering how amazing she was as Mystique in Singer's original two masterpieces. (The Last Stand sucked, sorry Brett Ratner)

Janssen also revealed that she has attempted several times to get in contact with FOX and ask them for a reprisal of her iconic character and was met with absolutely no response whatsoever. Come on, FOX, totally uncool. Considering the money she and the rest of the female X-Men have brought in, the least you could do is return one phonecall.

However it shakes out, it's good to know that Janssen hasn't stopped fighting for the role she's best known for and the role she played to perfection in every single film she appeared. We can only hope that both FOX and Bryan Singer see a future for her moving forward.


What do you think? Should Famke Janssen be allowed to reprise her role in a future 'X-Men' film?


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