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I was just a young lad, right? A young lad, studying to pass time in school, and comics were my get-a-way. One day, my mates and I stumbled upon this weird little comic we found on the comic store at the end of the block. Preacher. What does that mean? Some shitty religious comic then my friends left to buy something else, cause they weren't interested, then i picked it up and read it.

AND JESUS, was it a thrill! Swearwords, blood, awesome demons and angels, don't let the title fool you, this comic ain't kind to religion, mates. Then me and my mates FELL in love with it, and the ending made me cry like a right bastard, and i always wanted it to get the screen-treatment, for a long goddamn time, mate. To be seen as this look into america, religion and friendship, in a crude way. The lovable and bastard characters of Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip.

So, AMC's Preacher came along.

AMC's Preacher is being made by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the people behind Superbad, Pineaple Express, and much more. And that's a good thing, because Preacher has that fucked up kinda humor, that most Rogen movies have. And he shows true passion for this, so it could turn out good.

But the one thing i wanna see is that it's done right. While many things are being changed, and while nothing to drastic, it's still has the spirit of the comic.

What I Want To See:

The only thing more important than casting, is story. While some are spot-on (Joe Gilgun as Cassidy) some aren't, while i have nothing against Dominic Cooper, he doesn't feel like Jesse Custer to me. And he needs to do a better accent.

Most of the things i wanna see is the crude attitude of the comic, and we're gonna get it. According to early screening, there's a scene with Tom Cruise... EXPLODING, in a scientology church, like...that's the comic's crazy and bonkers but hilarious humour right there.

And maintain the Garth Ennis feel, that's all.


Preacher premieres May 22, will YOU watch it?


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