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YouTube is a website that feels like it has always been there and always been one of the most-used sites around. It started out as a platform for users to create and inspire amateur work and projects for the viewers entertainment. Since 2006, YouTube has grown much more than that, now it's a business and a mode of making a living for many out there! Just about everybody who's reading this would be a viewer of YouTube I imagine, whether it's vlogs, Lets plays or just some funny cat videos. Recently I started to watch a vlogger named Casey Neistat and I was blown away by the footage he shows and his very unique methods of storytelling.

He has been making videos and vlogs for a long time now, but his official YouTube page was set up in February 15th, 2010. What makes his videos so good you ask? His use of combining regular vlog footage combined with the amazing Phantom 4 HD drone makes for fabulous overall footage where he usually accompanies with some unique music that he credits at the end of each video! Check out the amazing scenery in one of his videos below!


This was one of the first videos where I realized that this dude has got some real shooting talent. Some of this scenery is worthy enough for any beautiful film I can think of! Think of all the praise Christopher Nolan gets for his beautiful shots of stark scenery and beautiful landscapes. Now I'm not saying Casey Neistat is Chris Nolan, but damn they are some nice shots!

If you skip to 1.09 in the above video, you can see another unique element to Casey's wonderful shooting. This scenes requires some sort of sorcery (or maybe just being good at multi-tasking). What he does from 1.09 to 1.13 is control his drone while skating?! Look, if I got on a board and slightly moved, I would slip and do a complete 360 in the air and land flat on my face..

Furthermore, when you go to 1.14, you can see him recording himself while he's on his beloved Booster-Board. This fast mode of transportation looks like it takes a lot of concentration and to be able to record yourself while doing it is mind-boggling to me! Because not only is it competent shooting, it's also quite gorgeous to see the final product.

Get to 1.34 in the video and you really see some camera trickery. He manages to skate through a fancy, winding hotel whilst recording himself from the front through his drone! I think it's quite spectacular to watch and is just one of the many reasons I've started to really watch this dude.

It's very interesting to watch these vlogs as a film fanatic. This storyline is his life so it doesn't get any more of a true story and the way he tells it is worth of a film in itself. Everybody in these vlogs are real people. His wife, kids, friends and neighbors, all of which contribute to this guys life that shows his life as a narrative in New York City. Some of the footage where he's on his Booster-Board in down NY is really impressive. Watching him squeeze between cars while recording himself (with the signature glasses on) is quite an impressive feat.

What I want to know is, do you guys agree? Directors and cameramen coming from YouTube is not currently the norm, but could it be? If somebody's good at a certain craft doesn't YouTube make it a good platform for them to get noticed? I love high quality drone footage and film making, so this channel is great and if you're like me then you should go follow Casey! He uploads most days and it's now part of my daily routine, definitely worth a watch. I'll end this article the way he ends his videos, with a title like the one below.

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